Saturday, March 14, 2009

The biological sons of Ike Turner: Jaz-O and Jay-Z???

Throughout the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it has been acknowledged that Jay-Z was tutored (robbed and/or tortured) by his homie, Jaz aka Jaz-O aka Big Jaz. Together they formed a group called, "High Potent".

Funny - It seems as if the only thing "High Potent" was Ike Turner's sperm!
As an observer of today's entertainment industry, it quite obvious that we are being amused by the offspring’s of those who joined in those swinging “sex sessions" of the 60's and 70's (and early 80's). I wonder if Jay-Z is aware of his relation to Ike Turner and Jaz-O.

Am I the only one paying attention?

Jay-Z and Jaz-O had a falling-out in the early 80's and they no longer speak/collaborate. Question: was this feud simply a twist of fate?
I would strongly recommend these two to take a blood test! Let's put an end to these incestuous relationships and gender re-assignment surgeries!

Just Be Honest...

BrotherHood Falsified


  1. What I don't understand is, why hasn't anyone from Gay Z's pass exposed the fact publicly that his mother is a hermaprodite. I do remember hearing that Gay Z paid off several people not to expose his mother as being gay. However I wonder if the payoff was for the REAL truth concerning his moms sexuality.,

  2. I really don't believe Ike Turner is Jay Z's father. However I do believe that his moms gave birth to KRS ONE. The resemblance is astounding. Further more KRS whole life is a mistery. Talking about he was a homeless teenager. Why was this the case. Than someone posted on another site about Jay's mother having around 10 children in total and leaving one on delancey st

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