Monday, March 9, 2009

Do Nepotism exist in Hollywood?

Historic evidence has lead to the belief that nepotism exist in Hollywood…

If you are a fan of Hip Hop or Pop music, then you are familiar with the R&B group known as “Xscape”. Are you familiar the members, name "Tiny" and "Kandi"?

Well, it is a known fact that Tiny and Kandi grew up together!

I stumbled upon the webpage of Tiny's daughter and Kandi's daughter (I think)! They are working their way into the music industry. Tiny's daughter is Zonnique and Kandi's daughter name is Jazz! I am not sure if "Jazz" is Kandi's daughter but, they look alike and here is her official page on MySpace. Are they merely mimicking the patterns from their upbringings?

For years, it has been heavily speculated throughout the industry that Ms. Tameka "tiny" Cottle is Teena Marie's biological daughter. Teena Marie's biological name is Mary Christine Brockert (not Cottle). It is also a known fact that Teena Marie (Mary Christine Brockert) has birthed her relative's children, so that they can share her vocal talent. If you look closely at Alia Rose(Teena’s publically announced daughter), she is the splot image of Teena's nephew Eian. Did Teena birth Eian’s daughter, and together they named her Alia Rose? It was onced whispered throughout the gossip tunnel, that when Tameka "Tiny" Cottle was born, she was passed along to be raised by Teena Marie's biological mother Ms. Pope-Cottle (not Brockert?). Look at Alia Rose (Teena Marie's daughter) and Zonnique (Tameka's daughter). The resemblance is extremely mysterious.


Did Tina Knowles raise Tina Turner's daughter, Beyonce? Is Ronnie Turner,Matthew Knowles biological son or brother? Is Audrey Turner, Tina Knowles (or Tina Turner's) biological daughter? It was once noted that Adury Madison dated Ike Turner (source).To date, Audry Madison is currently performing under the stage name"Audrey Turner".

Are these families having sex with each other, to ensure that their "talents" remain in their family?

Are these patterns being mimic by the "Destiny Child" members, as they inched their way into the entertainment arena? I understand that most of these children were, "homeschooled". Instead of going "to school", they traveled school to school; to showcase their talent.

As a program of industry studies, these celebrity kids indulged in spending 40 nights in a hotel, these experiences were called the "Kid Nation" assignment. Kid Nation was a social reality amongst celebrities, which later turned into a Television Show. This show was later cancelled due to the exposure of too many celebrity kids. "Jazz" was actually a member on the "Kid Nation" show and I wonder if Zonnique was a part of it, as well. Zonnique and Jazz also stared in Lil’ Wayne's Video, "My Leather So Soft". They were dressed in ballerina get-ups. Have you read the lyric to this song? They are too adult for children.

I never understood why these kids choosen to perform on the same stage, with an older women (who was dressed half naked).

...I guess it's all about the money, huh?

I was wondering, if there was a link between Jay-Z opening a 40/40 "adult" rated club (in select cities)?

Live Nation?

Kid Nation?

To follow the career of children featured on "Kid Nation", click on this website. Some of these children are now being featured on T.I.'s Redemption show (as thugs).

Are we really paying attention or have we become obsessed with these artist, as they birth "talented kids"?

These celebrities are swinging around with their own relatives! This is an unlawful act, and it's called, "INCEST"!

I am just sayin...

There are more rumors circulating around the internet, that link Ike Turner to Jay-Z and Beyonce to Tina Turner. It also link Beyonce to Nivea, as her biological mother.

Question: Is Nivea related to Raven Simone or how about Tisha Campbell or Lisa Raye?

Are these ladies directly related to James Etta Hawkins?

Did anyone investigate Ike Turner for incest?

Is anyone paying attention?

There's also a rumor circulating that James Etta Hawkins is Tina Knowles Biological Mother. If so, this identifies James Etta Hawkins as Tina Turner's biological mother. Has anyone traced James Etta Hawkins family tree? I am sure they ran into many stumbling blocks filled with less data and lies? It amazes me that she's over 70years ago and not one exist! Are these celebrities getting surgery to hide the identities of incest? At any rate, it doesn't matter how many times you cut Tina Knowles, Tina Turner or James Etta's face…You can't alter their genes!

In the 1950's, it was heavily speculated that Tina Turner was dating one of her relatives. This relative was whispered around as “Luster”, the guy who had “lust” for his cousins. It was later revealed that Mr. Lust was actually Izear Luster Turner. To escape these rumors, Mr. Izear changed his stage name to “Ike Turner” and his biological name wasn’t mentioned until his demise.

Also, Jay-Z has a son name "Isa Jael". Is he paying respect to his biological father, by naming his son “Isa”? Will Isa become his stage name 20 years from now or "Izear"?

Are you paying attention?

Are these families involved in incestuous relationships, to birth the next generation of talented kids?

Beyonce and Jay-Z, are picking up where Tina and Ike left off. They are glamorizing incest!

If you are seeking a visual, i have posted a few picture comparisons below, for your review:









  1. Alright, glad to see you got your website up.
    So where are the grimy details on the well known he/she in hollywood. I've been paying attention since you've been on HOB and DC Rumours.

  2. she did mention that she can't post the real details due to the "HIPPA" laws.

  3. Beyonce look like Tina Turner is the late 60's early 70's esp. in these pictures. It explains the reason for surgery. I thought black don't crack, unless you have a reason to hide something. Tina was hiding those scars from Ike.

  4. Awwww the pictures speak louder than the words!

  5. Now i understand why Tiny go to tanning salons.

    She's pale!

    and she use to have so much money back in the day (before xscape) and everyone use to go over her house. Now i understand where the money came from. she said she got the money from a deceased relative insurance policy, then she said her grandmother hit the lottery. SHE HAD MONEY! she use to sing all the time.

  6. “The man I knew as Dad was, I believe, related to me. Whether he was, in fact, my biological parent is unknown. His sibling and a younger sister were suspected to be in an incestuous relationship. My genealogical research indicates that my genetic condition existed in the family.”

    i saw those pictures of tina turner and audrey turner now they look like twins. was that tina turner sister? when tina left ike did he date her sister? why did she change the letters around in her first name. yuck ike was married to tina then he dated one of her family members?

    i saw the original picture of the one on the end of this oe

    tina and ike look like brother and sister is this the reason why tina got surgery?


  8. I believe you! Those pictures i saw of jay-z mother and jay-z father looked nothing like him. Now Ike look just like him. Ike is the only one that didn't have surgery throughout the years. jay-z has the same beedie eyes and facial structure.

    i always thought jay-z was ugly but now i understand that he too was born with irregular body parts.

  9. @4:27

    I noticed this too, Tiny was pale when she first came out with xscape. Then she became a shade darker. I thought it was from sun exposure. After looking at those before and after pictures and the ones online, I knew her mother was white. Then i saw pictures of that pope white lady. She look nothing like Tiny. Then i google teena marie and my mouth dropped! You are opening my eyes! It never crossed my mind to think that Tiny and Teena Marie were related.

    You have my undivided attention!

  10. just look at tiny and alia marie and tiny's older daughter zonnique.

    MOD, put up a picture comparison of the three of them.





  13. nice blog. I am fascinating with this subject. Good job H.I.H.

  14. Admin please post the juicy information anonymous sent you!

  15. @10:29

    I am preparing to post! Thank You, anonymous for sharing.

  16. Tiny look like Teena Marie and Mariah Carey.

  17. You really need to get your facts straight

  18. I wonder why Tiny goes to Tanning Salons so much? She should just stay pale.

  19. No wonder why Beyonce lies all the time to hide the truth about her family.

  20. Being someone who does not even know what incest is really, I do not, other than the fact that you can look it up in the dictionary and so on...

    Interesting though the addiction the human race has for sexual fantasies, ie., hermaphrodites and the silly nonsense that they really do exist *and* change their sex altogether, really what is this stupid world coming to.

    Oil is running out in about 30 or 40 years. So many cars that would require something like a tap from the Sun to charge them all. All the wires around the street.

    Funniest thing in your God's great plan of things, you have no plan b when you find out he is nowhere to be found here. And you do not even know where here is *in* the universe.

    So, with the absence of any form of heating yourselves in the home throughout the intensely cold Winters these times.

    I would think that any idea of rolling around in the sheets might be a little too much dis-encouraging when you think about the real facts of life.

    This story really pushes the whole problem of the world into the public eye. And it's obsession with sex and the lengths they go to exaggerate the fantasies through illegal activities like *kids in a hotel for 40 nights together*

    That alone I cannot believe. I can assure you in the seventies this would never had happened. Too dodgy.

    Very dodgy when the law is compelled into action when these sort of facts come out into the gutter press. After all, that is where they will end up, loads of smut.

    Some of you might have read my prophecy and the story of where everything is heading regarding sex and the awful way you seem to enjoy the way you all fuck me. It ain't very pleasant.

    If you would really like to know what it is like for me, well think of a strain of snake called Vurmillion. I will love it when spewing these out of my mouth and watch as they fly across the street and seize someone.

    Lurvely, feels like puking sick and gastroenteritis. I have had enough of that and also had enough of a beautiful mental health drug called Risperidone which is designed to punish those who do sin with awful feelings about the awful sinning they do.

    Don't worry, it is a awful pill, and it does make anyone feel sick, it did me for a week. It was only because these kind of pills are so well programmed, bang on 8pm of the last day they effect wore off and was gone.

    Woe to those who are prescribed Risperidone, it certainly will let you feel anything but the desire or want for sex.

    As a last reminder to those of you who do end up in the NHS, you will probably be in the hands of unethical and very ethnic doctors who would love to experiment on these kind of drugs.

    Anyway, I'm fucking off...


  21. You are so way off above is actually amusing. One of the funniest things said here above was the speculation that perhaps Beyonce is Niveas biological Mother. Hahaahaha. Lmao. I mean how is this even possible considering their likeless in age? All that typing you wasted with weird creepy bizarre conspiracy theorys. I read it, sure I did. Just like I read the Enquirer in line at checkout because I find entertainment in mocking and laughing at you peoples deusional thoughts and how that must suck to be all alone, in your head. Lmao.

  22. @3:11 If you do not believe what it is going on then take your happy ass somewhere else. You will not be miss at all. The post must struck a nerve because you ass spend your time commenting on a blog that it is supposely not true according to you.

  23. I think all this speculation is silly. There is no way in hell that Tiny could be Teena Maries biological child. Do your research fools! And there is no way Tina Knowles is Etta James daughter. She had two boys. Period! Read her life story...Rage to survive

  24. ^^^^you need to stop taking everything these Celebrities tell u @ face value. They lie all the time. It's ppl like u why these demonic government leaders keep getting away with the bullshit they do. Wake da fuck up!!

  25. Where does Rick James fit into this? I'm a fan of his. Rick James has 3 biological children that are known to the public. But his daughter doesn't look much like him. It's weird but I think Teena Marie's daughter looks a bit like Rick James.

  26. By the way I was talking about Teena Marie's daughter Alia Rose looking like Rick James even though her father is called Mr. Butcher or something like that. Where does the singer Etta James fit into this? I don't know Kandi is. Who is Kandi?

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  30. I think Rick James has 4 children 3 sons Rick Jr., Trey Hardesty, and Tazman, and 1 daughter Ty.

  31. Many have said that Teena Marie has another daughter who goes by the name Gail Gotti.

    Teena Marie's daughter Alia Rose's father is said to be Peter Butcher a postman not Rick James.

  32. Rick James also has 2 grandchildren I think his daughter Ty James has a couple of children.

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