Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Yonce the Androgynous

To be and not to be...

Could this be the reason why Beyonce's childhood was "slayed"? It seems as if Knowles family know a lot about the "mini pop" culture in the UK (especially the designer Ms. Tina Knowles hint hint). These children are the exact replica of those featured in the 80's (adult) related T.V. Show. Is this the reason why, she lacked popularity in the U.K.? We all are aware that she took 10 years off of her real age. There are more clips streaming on youtube of the mini-pops. If you are really paying attention, you might notice a more of today's R&B and POP celebrities in those videos! They have changed their name for a reason!

Here's beyonce standing next to another "androgynous" person who look just like her, minus the tan!

Is she pulling a "Michael Jackson" related stunt on us all?

Here's a video of Beyonce being interviewed on the Today's show. Scroll over to mark 1:23. It shows a picture of Beyonce and Solange, as kids (minipops in training). Pay attention to Beyonce's reaction after the picture is aired. Beyonce has on lipstick and mini-pop (ish) earrings. Tina knew exactly what she was doing by producing this image at HALF. Also, scroll over to mark 1:45...Beyonce and Solange look weird!

Are you really paying attention?


  1. you are so right about the picture at 1:45 seconds!!! omg it looks like two different woman not solange and beyonce.also i noticed how beyonce keeps saying solange is her baby!! ive been paying attention.smh.

  2. Yeah, Beyonce know that Solange is really her daughter. There is no way thold bird is in her 20's.

  3. @Mind over Money are you mad stupid ass. The truth hurts so fucking deal with it!!!