Friday, April 24, 2009

Subliminal Message to Beyonce and Tina Knowles: Iris Chacon??



  1. Yes, you can definately see alot of similarities in Bey and Iris' performances. But Ms. Chacon can't sing or dance as far as I'm concerned. Hell I can do that shit her and her dancers are doing. And let me just set the record straight, BOTH OF THEM CHICKS NEED TO BE PAYING HOMAGE TO SISTER JOSEPHINE BAKER, because Baker is the forunnner of all of this.

  2. Iris Chacon look like she falls under Tina Knowles family tree. The fan of the Hate on Beyonce site always said, that the Knowles family was lying about their heritage. They can't even decide if they are black so, instead of saying, " I am African American" they say that they are "Creole"? The word Creole is an adaptation of the Spanish word crocodile.

    I keep telling you all that Tina and her family crossed that Texas border and assumed the identity of a "Knowles"! C'mon now, Beyonce’s name was misspelled on her US passport! Texas is known to falsify information! There are too many people crossing the border!

  3. So beyonce will say that she was inspired by "Fosse" and now "Iris Chacon" but she will never say that she was inspired by "Josephine Baker". She was even inspired to cross her eyes like "Josephine Baker".

    So Jay-Z was really giving a shout out to his "Mami" Beyonce? And her "papi" must be for his boyfriend. He's gay just like Gavin is "gay" or hermaphrodites!

  4. from the very beginnings of learning about destinies child i was told beyonce was hispanic. so tins's family are illegals are they?