Friday, April 3, 2009

The Hermaphrodite on Tour: Beyonce

Here's a few pictures from Beyonce's I Am....RIDICULOUS tour in Vancouver last night. There's really no explanation for this mess. This was born from a Mugler and a Knowles, so that's explanation enough!

Glittery condom men? The Transformers logo on Beyonce's pussy bone? The Elmer's glue used to keep her lacefront down? I feel like I need to witness this faggotry for myself, but I'm afraid my extreme levels of gayness will clash with the extreme levels of tranniness radiating off of Sasha Fart causing an explosion of weave tracks, face clay, tarantula legs, sequins and coagulated jizz. The world is not equipped.
Beyonce will never admit that she was born as a hermaphrodite, but she will continue to send subliminal messages through her music and performances...

I am glad that someone picked up on the "Thundercat" inspired getup, the transformer logo on Beyonce's pussy bone and they forgot to mention that the entire suit is padded (this was designed by a hermaphrodite for a hermaphrodite)!

Hermaphrodite: Fierce "Sasha" Knowles!




  1. Did Bey have her genitals mutilated also. I really would like to know what goes on during these surgical procedures? And I have noticed that there are no pictures of Bey when she was between the ages of 9 and 15 yrs. There are some that show her and the other DC members but who in the hell knows how old Bey really was in those pictures.

  2. Beyonce is the queen of adobe photoshop!

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