Friday, April 24, 2009

Is she "obsessed" with dressing like Iris Chacon?

Oooooh. I am sooooo looking forward to this movie! I could hear the "You touched my child!" line over and over and I would giggle every time. This is going to be so trashtastic!

Beyonce (we know you can sing) hit the red carpet for The Cinema Society & MCM screening of Obsessed in what had to be another House of Deron creation. When is Tina Knowles going to realize that she can design anything other than stage costumes? I mean, a short skirt with a train!?!?!

Story Continues...


  1. She looks a damn mess. Tacky Tina need to just give it the fukk up. Nobody is buying that House of Disateron. Poor Bey (Hee Hee Hee) she has to try to help her sister Tina feel better by keep wearing her corny shyt on the red carpet.

    Which reminds me, does anybody remember when they were first promoting their label? Remember Tina kept saying "we have 3 generations of style in our designs. Beyonce is fashion, I'm the style and my mother is the soul". Well it went something like that. I kept saying to myself back then, that this whole spiel is rehearsed. Also that the woman's picture that Tina was claiming to be her mother looked absolutely nothing like her. I NEVER BELIEVE THAT THAT WAS TINA'S MOTHER. This was waaay before I started visiting this site. That's when I realized that there is much more to this family then meets the eye. Something much more sinister.

  2. Tina Knowles had only one picture to share of her so-called biological mother! One picture? She didn't release any pictures of her so-called mother holding her so-called daughter! This family is filled with lies! Beyonce dance just like "Iris". She's so careful not to do the "cha-cha". She's not african american or black. This girl is a Puetro Rican. How did she record an entire album in Spanish? How can you claim your race to be "creole"? She's so stupid and full of lies!

  3. In the previous post, Iris has on a black bikini with a train! Beyonce is wearing a mini skirt with a train. AWFUL!

  4. Look at Beyonce in her "chacha" uniform!

  5. Okay I would like to clearify something if I may, First of all Puerto Rican is not a damn race. There are only three human race on the planet and they are Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucisoid. All different nationalities fall under one on these race. With that being said it is not really a major factor that Bey is hispanic because whether they want to admit it or not they fall under the Negroid umbrella. If their having a hard time with that, tell them to take their ass to a Klans rally and see what the fuck happens to them. Those yt devil will hang they ass and have a picnic(pick a nigger) around the body.