Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mexican: Beyonce

I heard that Beyonce is serious about marketing herself into the latino audience but not the Mexican audience. She recorded a song with the "pop" queen Shakira and stole all of her dance moves. Then she recorded a song with the Mexican "pop" star Alejandro Fernandez and refused to appear in "their" video. I heard, if you're an artist and you want to capture the heart of the latin pop culture, then record a theme song to a telenovela. Beyonce and Alejandro recorded the theme song titled, "Amor Gitano".

"Amor Gitano" appeared on Beyonce's latin edition of "B'Day" along with six other Spanish language tracks including a Spanish version of the No 1 hit "Irreplaceable." A special video version of the album on DVD, with 12 videos including two in Spanish.

In March 2007, Beyonce Knowles treated Jay-Z to a romantic "Mexican" getaway after reports suggested their romance is in trouble. They sailed way to Mexico City and stayed in Punta De Mita. This isn't too far from Juchitán! During their stay in Mexico, Beyonce whisked Jay-Z off to see his favourite group Coldplay in concert.

Question: Did Beyonce treat Jay-Z to the "Coldplay" concert or was Jay-Z already scheduled to perform with "Coldplay"?

Did Jay-Z have a run in with a few "Muxe" during his stay in Mexico?


Beyonce frequents the late night social spot called "The Box", in New York City. It has been reported that she watched a naughty burlesque stage show where naked women licked each other - not their feet! The show was enjoyed by Beyonce and three other fe-male friends and her cousin - the bodyguard! She also had a protective curtain around her table to ensure that others couldn’t see her party.

The New York Post newspaper reports:

“BeyoncĂ© was really making the most of the burlesque strip show.
“She was on the table in the VIP balcony cheering loudly as two girls got naked and licked each others’ _____. She stayed until 3:30 a.m.”

There are too many arranged situations in Hollywood!

Beyonce In Mexico with Jay-Z

To view additional pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce in Mexico, Click here.


  1. If she is standing next to someone who knows too much about her past, she has a dumb cheesy look on her face!

    Beyonce's nose was the same shape as his before it was sliced (or did she tone it down with make-up).


  3. Her stomach looks strange! Is she holding it in?

  4. she knew that jay-z was scheduled to perform with coldplay that's why she made business plans with an old flame. then her camp sugarcoats the story to make her STAND believe that she paid for Jay-Z to jet on a romantic vacation to Mexico when it was one of Jay-Z's or Gay-Z's close friends birthday.

    Ugh! Her stomach is disgusting! Beyonce has "ROOTS" in Mexico City!

    THat's where it all went down! A well known "MUXE" sponsored BEYONCE. She went through the "process". She was down because genetically she was born as a male!

  5. They sure did cover this up (beyonce and alex). She calls him her "Lexus or The Big Lex".

    Mex (Lex)

  6. Does anybody knows could this Beyonce real father?

  7. Not father....maybe brother or cousin...Here is his Dad and Mom.....
    Interesting....If you know about hand signatures..He throws them up alot.
    Weird photos of mom...Not too many of them..Kinda strange...
    Dont even ask who these people are..They came up in the search..

  8. I think the last photo is Vicente Fernandez(his mom and first son) I have no idea who the ladyboy is???

  9. Funny resemblance..dont you think...???

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  11. she did no steal any mores. You never saw African dances before. Been to carnival in the Caribbean?
    The spanairds did not girate, or dance like shakira.

    when beyounce did a song with Jamaican singer she began to dance like that..aka Caribbean style. African roots. The song was Baby boy around 2003, shakira collaboration happen 2006/07.

    please make the correction. PPl in the Caribbean been dancing like that for years due to the African influence in music, dance and art work.

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