Friday, May 29, 2009

The Androgynous "Queen" of Recycle: Beyonce

“Wow. It’s a difficult question because honestly everything has been recycled. I get a lot of my inspiration from all of the older divas, and even Frank Sinatra and Cyd Charisse, who recently passed away. What makes me original? My heart. My drive. I’m not afraid to be afraid, I’m not afraid of a risk. I strive to be exceptional.”

The biggest thing is me not copying myself. And as long as I’m focusing on growth, on my own growth, then I don’t have to worry about being original. I’m steadily growing and evolving into a better human being and a better artist.”

"....I wish I had more time to think of original answers."

Quoting: Beyonce Knowles

September 2008
Page 24


  1. Beyonce copies so much that it is not funny

  2. Moderator i do not quite understand though. You indicated on the title of the post androgynous Beyonce... does that mean that she was born as a intersexual, does she know she is one and how come one can not see anything much manly in her.

    Also another question. I can not remember much on this topic since it was a long time i did genetic mutations and disorders in school but are all hermaphrodites, intersexuals fertile or just a few of them and why is it so?


  3. Beyonce gets a kick out of copying "dead" people.

    Beyonce was born as a intersex.

    It took her over 10 years to fully transform. This is the main reason why she keep lying about her age.

    I frequent this website a lot and there are many good looking women that i thought was born as a female, until i read further that they were actually born as a male (or with a undetermined gender).

    Ciara is another artist who grew into her scars.

    Beyonce is not the only one.

    Many of you fail to believe that Beyonce is really a boy.

    It doesn't matter if she wear butt pads, get implants or had her adams apple shaved down.

    Beyonce can tell you that she created all of these dance moves on her own. When the facts are revealed, it's still hard for you to accept the truth for what it is.

    There's nothing original about this stale ass bitch!


  4. If you browse through cyde charisse other clips on youtube, you will see that she also added her twist to the clothes Cyd wore and these garments are being re-made by Tina Knowles for "The House of Dereon".

    How can the "original" artist sue, when he or she is "Dead".

  5. Tina and Matthew Knowles are first cousins.

  6. She's such a dummy!

    She's already copying herself because she copied other people!

    I know this article was published in 2008 but damn!

    Now I understand why it's important to re-read a article. I didn't get it the first time i read this article in 2008 and i didn't even think to google cyd and even to look her up on youtube. I guess the editer didn't follow up research wise or maybe the person was paid to submit a certain amount of characters per article (keep it under 500 words).



  8. I you look at the picture above, the bitch looks like a damn man. It's not hard for me to believe that she was born "intersexed" at all. However I don't know if I'm buying she was born %100 male because didn't they say that Nivea is her daughter. Therefore she has to have a reproductive system which we equate with being female.

    Holla back at me on this please.

  9. They will never admit that "NIVEA" IS HER DAUGHTER! Reason being - It wil reveal too much about Beyonce's past!

    Beyonce asked this reporter, "How old was I" and the reporter gave the answer "Twelve".

    Did anyone catch this? She forgot her own age and this isn't the first interview where she doesn't reveal her real age.

  10. The interviews that took place before she became this so-called celebrity.

    She stole from too many people are she admits to it in this article, "honestly Everything has been recycled".

    That's probably the last "honest" statment she made!

  11. i knew it, thats how i ended up here. its like if the secret societies are running every aspect of america. each society takes on priorety. the boule being the one that makes people glorify transexuals, and promiting satanism.

  12. Has anyone purchased Lady Gaga Tickets from the website

  13. Meanwhile, a search of Beyonce Knowles uncovered her Presidential connections. Beyonce has the same 9th great-grandfather, Hans Heinrich Hirtzel, born in Switzerland in 1619, as President George W. Bush making them tenth cousins once removed and tenth cousins with Former President George H.W. Bush.

    President Bush is also related to another pop-superstar, Justin Timberlake. They are 9th cousins once removed.

    Timberlake is also related to President Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando and Mae West. Plus he's related to some of Virginia's earliest settlers, like Carter Braxton and Francis Lightfoot Lee.

  14. Hermaphroditism is a congenital disorder, and research suggests there may be an increased risk of this resulting from small gene pools, i.e.. incest. One in 4500 births are hermaphroditic to some degree. However, there is no 'curse', and I find most of your site negative and hateful. In the not too distant future, there will be no birds, no blokes....just wankers....the colour of a latte.

  15. If you have sex with one of your family members and bare a child YOU ARE CURSED!

  16. Why do people play stupid?
    You hide your incestuous relationship from the public
    You hide your child birth defects because YOU KNOW IF CAME from the incestuous relationship you had with your cousin
    Then when you get pregnant, you hide the truth from your doctors.
    You tell the doctor that you drank liquor when your were pregnant.
    Then when the child grows up to ask questions about their sexuality, you hide the truths away from them.

    Stop hiding. You get it? Stop hiding the truths!

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