Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am so happy to hear that people are "finally" paying attention. When Lil Wayne appeared on stage at the BET awards, he brought along a few underage teenagers; Zonnique and his own daughter Reginae - to name a few. These young girls once appeared in his music video titled, "My Leather So Soft". A few years later, Lil Wayne brings them on stage to perform or rather DANCE to, "I wish that I can f*ck every girl in the world". BET has dropped to an all time low, I was also informed that many performers paid the BET producers top dollar to appear on STAGE. This clearly validates the reason why certain celebrities received "Special" treatments. Many blogsites are reporting that, "Beyonce and Jay-Z are the main reason why CHRIS BROWN didn't perform his Michael Jackson tribute". My sources has informed that Jay-Z and Beyonce paid the BET producers TOP dollar for front row seats and to perform.


  1. Tiny is a ghetto ass chic and there is a reason why T.I. will not marry her.

    these whores are gay.

    Tiny will hand her children over to any "famous" child molester if the money was right.

    Zonnique, has traveled around the world just to SANG.

    She will grow up to become an uneducated bimbo as well.

  2. How old was Tiny when she had Zonnique?

  3. It has been said way back in the early 90's, when Tiny was singing with Escape that she was Tina Marie's daugter. I don't understand why ppl don't remember that. Also the fact that no one else is even talking about it any longer.

    You see this is whats wrong with watching too much Tel-lies-visually, when they (the powers that be) want you to forget about someone or a particular incident, they stop broadcasting on TV. So with "DRONES" that live by what is "PROGRAMED" on this idiot box don't see a person or a particular incident on TV any longer, they FORGET ABOUT IT. This is why reading is fundemental, because you are not exposed (too much) to another person's subjective opinion. You can use your own inteligence to formulate your own.

  4. people you do not realize that these people are becontrolled by another damonic or lower spirit thats why beyonce never rembers what shes done on stage or shes shocked that shes dances the way she does. because another spirit takes over the body they have sold there souls for fortune and fame....www.lennonhonorfilms.com have a look and learn

  5. I'm just starting to think that any attention to these hollyweird ppl still feeds it and the whole system will @ some point max out and cease to exsist.Where will u stand,

  6. Lil Wayne has a CD coming out that it titled, I am not human. He pretty much admits that he is being controlled. There is also a new video with him showcasing his glow in the dark tattoos. Well, the video has a dark theme, it suppose to depict the rapper high off those famous e-pills. Ambien and E pills. He likes to grind those pills and sprinkle them on his weed before the joint is rolled.

  7. ^^^^^^and how do you know that exactly? Not saying that I don't believe you. @9:36. Where are you going to be. This type of info in crucial in one freeing themselves from mental and spiritual bondage that is plaguing this planet. Lifting oneself up to a higher spiritual being.

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