Monday, July 13, 2009

Update: The Hermaphrodite Beyonce

Reports are swirling around the internet that R n B swinger - Ooops - singer Beyonce Knowles has reportedly told photographers on her current world tour not to take pictures of her from behind, as she sweats so much (Ewwwwww).

Beyonce, 27, is wowing crowds on her I Am...Sasha Fierce global jaunt, but her dance routines are so energetic that she is left dripping wet afterwards.

Sources have revealed that the singer wants that photographers only shoot from certain angles to preserve her modesty.

Beyonces costumes are so tiny and her choreography is so complicated that inevitably she sweats, the Daily Express quoted a source as having told the New York Daily News.

It looks pretty gross, so no one is allowed to shoot her from that particular angle any more, the source added. - ANI


This witch will never keep it real.

Beyonce doesn't like the way her body appears in certain photographs. Why are people taking pictures from her tour? I guess pictures from the first show wasn't enough. Are you expecting Beyonce to throw on a different costume or perform a complicated dance move? C'mon - stop wasting your time and ours with these boring articles. Beyonce is wearing the same old sweaty costumes and performing the same old dance moves.



  1. what makes her an intersex? Sorry if I am comimg across as ignorant, I just don't understand what makes her a hermaphrodite, she has a penis and vagina? Because you said she was molested? Help me out here...and NO I am not a stan (although I did enjoy her FIRST solo albulm)...

  2. I believe everyone enjoyed her music when she was apart of a group. I must admit that i too fell for the okiedoke. Her 1st album was cool. Then she got beside herself and picked up the i don't care attitude just because she was making more money.

    Right now she's disgusting because the truth is out there about her.

    Beyonce was born as a male and transitioned into a female. I am sure the moderator of this site is preparing to drop the heavy stuff on her.

    It will blow your mind.

    Beyonce speaks spanish fluently. She's not black or African American! She's DOMINICAN!

    Moderator don't hold out on us. Let these people know the truth about BEYONCE!

  3. Excuse me, the Dominican Republic is part of the African diaspora. I should know I am Dominican and I am much darker than Beyonce. Learn before you speak.

  4. African!

    Not real black americans!

    I am talking about those born 100% black with no mixtures.

    You're a mixture of dominican/african.

    beyonce is a mixture of Dominican/ Pure Spanish.

  5. dominican! okay..(I'm the one who left the first comment)...I agree, her image seemed to have changed as she became more successful...well, I guess I'll have to keep looking for updates because these are some STRING accusations! When did she start to transition? why are there pics of her so young as a female? is she adopted? why would paremnts agree to let her live as a female so young? Yes, I need more than accusations to believe that sh*t...keep me posted! Oh, and Dominicans are a mixture of Haitain and Spanish, however, if you call a Dominican (unless they are trying to prove a point) black, they tend to get offended...Most culture don not want to relate to black at cicilians..sad even american blacks like to think they all have "Indian in their families)

  6. That's so true. Dominicans get very offended if they are called "Black".

    I use to get my hair done at Dominicans Hair Salons. They thought that i was dominican. When they asked if i spoke spanish or if i was Dominican and i said no, the price for my hair style went up and i was treat unfairly and talked about.

    I stop going to get hair fixed there and move on to another shop. It was the same thing at other dominican shops.

    I stop going to dominican hair salons to get my hair done.

  7. @6:51 AM

    They have india (as in Hijras from Pakistan) in their family NOT that of a pure Native American Indian!

  8. "Dominicans are a mixture of Haitain"

    That pretty much sums up the population of the inner city hip hop rappers that came out of New York and New Jersey.

    Jay-Z isn't black he's mixed with Dominican and Haitain.

  9. All you dumb ass black mother fuckers kill me with this bullshit. It is going to come a time when you wish you would have related to your Nubian ancestry. We are the first ppl on the MF planet. We are the progenitors of all this shit. I'm tire of these third world bastards disrespecting us. Just because the slave master told you that black was something awful and your dumb fucking ass believe that shit. If it was not for the Nubian man fighting and struggling for equality, none of these THIRD WORLD MOTHER FUCKERS would be here and prosper. This is why i HATE fucking Hispanics. They are the scum of the damn earth. Especially Puerto Ricans. Why don't yall MF go back to your so called beautiful country. You wouldn't even entertain that thought because you have it too good over here. thanks to the sweat of our brawl. Due to the fruits of our labor, that of the Nubians slaves HERE, you can enjoy prosperity, and then you got the MF nerve to be disrespectful. I CAN'T STAND NON OF YOU THIRD WORLD BASTARDS.

  10. @ 7:25 AM

    Get it? The people from the Third world have created a "Third" gender.

    Now they have populated the United States of America.

    They create these natural disasters and when the US gives them money, it is used to artifically create the third gender.

  11. @7:25 & 9:15
    I am soo glad you made those is soo true..

  12. @7:25 I like that you don't beat around the bush when speaking your mind. My family is Panamanian, stolen from Africa and dropped off in the Carrib-Islands such as Barbados and Jamaica. My relatives(elders)are seriously damaged psychologically from all the ill-treatment at the hands of the spic bastards in Panama. White Supremacy forced them to flee the islands to try and make a life for themselves by working and building the Canal. If the White man wasn't already bad enough, the spic bastards MADE IT WORSE! They would call the police for no reason and have black homes raided, they called them Negritos (little niggers)to their faces and caused many Aficans to die, be exploited,demoralized and humiliated every chance they got. My Grandmother hates them to this day!
    She calls them the Ram goat people and like a Ram goat they all screw their family members even their own mother!
    Latin men love to fuck hermaphrodites and young boys in the ass! They are just as bad as the White man, maybe even worse because they too were invaded, raped and enslaved, yet not only do they still take the white man's cock in their mouths they also SWALLOW with PRIDE!
    They have the nerve to look down on Africans?
    These people are a cesspool of confusion just like their bloodline!
    Sorry for not being a lady today but 7:25 you got me on a roll! LOL
    Lady Dee

  13. This isn't about slavery, This "is" about a particular "race" transforming into a slave for the white man.

    I am not going to blame one race because those who participated in this are fully aware of their role.

    I've read story on this site about parents giving their hermaphrodite children over to "gurus" and sex slave masters within the transgendered sect.

    These heremaphrodites are in search of their own kind.

    They are raping each other and enjoying it. They are producing these hermaphrodite children while relying on the government to cover their health care and to receive a disability check (or some sort of montly income).

    The ones who transform sucessfully have mastered the art of deceit. They appear as the date of a flaming celebrity.

    They are sent out to "fish for money". This shit is wild but yet very true indeed.

  14. In response to all the bigotted anti-Hispanic/Latino talk, you are right that there is a lot of racism in Latin America against darker skinned people, but this exists everywhere. All over the world people are discriminated against the darker their skin is. The Indians have it with the caste system where the "upper-class" Brahmins are the whitest; the Asians have it, they openly advertise skin-whitening creams and the whitest are in a higher social class and get access to all the best jobs (sound familiar?); the Middle Easterners have it, etcetera, etcetera... This is a sad phenomenon but not everyone from these cultures does it. I am one of these "third world" "spics" you refer to and I have always respected black people and proudly told people that I think there is African blood in my veins. So please don't be haters. I understand why anyone black would be full of hate, as I was discrimated against by Whites for being Latina, and I know that's not nearly as much as Black folks get, but if you don't want to be hated for your race/ethnicity, then it doesn't help for you to do it. Remember: Be the change you want.

    And in terms of all this hatred against hermaphrodites, I am wondering how many hermaphrodites the person who made the last comment knows to claim "they are raping each other and enjoying it." This is crazy. And it seems you are confusing hermaphrodites -- people born with aspects of both make and female -- with transsexuals, who are people who choose as adults to get sex changes. They are two different things, and they are both okay.

  15. WTF Just came across this is looking to find out if Beyonse has or had a dick or not? Whats up with all the racist bullshit? Yes I am white & don't really know where the hell my family is from, & don't really give a damn. I am American. Sorry the white people have treated some other cultures so badly. Yes it happened, No we can't do anything about it, let's move on

  16. Focus people! Is Beyonce an hermaphrodite????

  17. It is so easy to post the most mindless bull.
    If hermaaphriodites were the product of incestous slave relationships, they would have died out long ago. Hermaphriodites are sterile. Little logic required here, if intersex people are sterile, the condition is the result of genic mutations. Nothing to do with who one did. Slow your stroke people.

  18. A hermaphrodite just revealed that his child came from his testes (where his sperm is stored).

    He told everyone that he was born as a hermaphrodite and he doesn't have a penis and his vagina couldn't be penetrated. The drug smuggler from Africa.

    There are people who are still alive that were products of the slave trade.

    Their roots were traced back to reveals this as truth.

    As long as you carry the genetic trait it will never die out.

    You give birth and your child carries it.

    It is hereditary.

  19. You are so right Beyonce is a interasexual. Youtube is flooded with Beyonce intersexual family memebers. You may think they are stans; but they are not. Pissed off one on so-called stans and called Beyonce hermphadite.

  20. oh hell no not me i go to the tanning bed everyday! and i am irish-scottish/greek and american indian i love everybody!!!!!

  21. People stop hating on dominicans! What's your deal, anyway? Stop spreading such nonsense. None of what is written here is accurate. I should, I'm know I'm dominican.

  22. I meant: I should know, Im dominican. Thanks : ) PS. Spread loving

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