Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Documented YouTube Experience: Tyree

I've always stated (on HOB and Destiny Child Rumor Blog) that being born as "gay" or "lesbian" was merely a falsehood. You were born as a intersex slash hermaphrodite.

An avid reader (Sexy Fabulous) has shared video links of "Tyree", as he documents his experience; living as a hermaphrodite with the characteristics and sex hormones of a female (and male). I've labeled him as a hermaphrodite, because he lacks the adams apple and he can easily pass for a female (prior to speaking). He was born with a penis, but looks just like a female. Tyree has refrained from removing his penis and has decided against a total transformation process. Honestly speaking, Tyree has spoken openly about his personal experiences. His friends are gay and straight (and some were even born as a intersex). Here are a few responses from the viewers who watch her streaming videos through youtube:

"DryKoolaid (2 months ago) u have to be the sexiest boy i've ever seen..U got me rethinking that i'm a lesbian thing...handle u..."

no disrespect, but i could have swore you were a girl with a.. deeper voice lol
no lie, you are beautiful; in a feminine way.. PRETTY. thats the word i was trying to get at. "why didn't I have him use one".. so you're gay; not that it changes the issue at hand but it definitely clears things up. Anyways, i totally agree with you. RESPECT for bringing attention to such a serious topic. youtube needs that!"

"dauxboy90 (2 weeks ago)I was doing good until about 2 minutes and 37 seconds into the video...that shit just threw me off lol... DAMMIT MAN! No Homo but imma have to agree wit dude...this guy up there looks better than most of you girls out there..its fucked up but its true yo...i think if she woulda never said she was a boy...i woulda paid attention to the rest of the video....but fuck dat! Nice message though...thru the first 2:36"

I applaud Tyree for speaking up and being completely honest throughout his experience. I wonder if Tyree has traced the hereditary stream that flows through his blood. I agree with him during his lash out at Mediatakeout, he looks nothing like Aaliyah...

To be honest with you, Tyree look like (...well better than) Solange (So'lame)! And he truly resembles solange's son (watch the fourth video)! Tyree should create a family tree and trace the members who were born just like him!

I am just sayin...

Please note that being born as a hermaphrodite resulted from an incestuous relationship!

The parents "NEVER" tell their children the truth! They always blame it on something so...left field like, "I use to drink wine, when i was pregnant with you".

Just be honest...

Main Entry: in·ces·tu·ous
Pronunciation: \in-ˈses-chə-wəs, -ˈsesh-\
Function: adjective
Date: 1532
1 : constituting or involving incest
2 : guilty of incest


  1. Why do you think Tyree is an hermaphrodite? He clearly said he was a guy.

  2. Tyree was born as a hermaphrodite (or a Androgynous male). He did admit to being a guy and being born as a androgynous male. Androgynous is the same as being born as a hermaphrodite.

    He also rants on about fooling straight guys into believing that he was a female.

    Medically speaking, tyree was born as a
    Pseudohermaphrodites. Pseudohermaphrodites have either testicular or ovarian tissue, but not both. Some are genetically female, but may look like males and some are genetically male, but may look like females and lead normal female sex lives.

    At this stage in his life, he admits to enjoying sex with males (straight males). He also shares his attraction to dikes (which is also short for those who were born as a hermaphro"dite").

    Here is information off the internet of Androgyne:

    One of the most baffling phenomena concerning human gender disorders is androgyny, which is defined as being physically male and female in one. An androgyne is also referred to as a hermaphrodite. Many have mistakenly confused androgyny with bisexuality, which is a psychological condition.

  3. OOOh okay it makes sense now thanks. This reminds me of a story I saw on a message board last week. Idk if you heard about it, but its about this Chinese Olympic athelete who thought she was a woman all her life, but recently discovered that genetically, she is a MAN. I'll give you the link so you can post the story.

  4. Oh found the link, but she isn't an olympic athelete, but its still interesting! here ya go :

  5. Great @ 9:41 am

    I am going to research additional information and i will post it. There are many more video post from Tyree. I am going to post information in regards to the link between incest and hermaphrodites, as well. There's a lot of information from doctors who specialize in genetics...great stuff (extremely informative).

  6. Omg yall are so Fucking

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