Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A 65 Year Old Hermaphrodite

A 65 year old man had his uterus unknowingly removed by a doctor. The father of three children was recently admitted to the Government District Hospital Baramulla in India with lower abdominal pains. After doctors agreed to perform surgery, they discovered a full uterus with fallopian tubes. Three doctors performed the removal unknowingly to the patient.

According to online reports:

Doctors are suspecting that the patient might be a hermaphrodite (a person who has both male and female sex organs, and other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or as the natural condition). “We did not tell him about this problem given the social stigma and psychological trauma associated with such things,” said Dr Shah. Doctors said it is for the first time in Kashmir’s history that a man who fathered three children was diagnosed and operated upon for such a unique medical problem. “Around eight years ago, I saw a 14-year-old boy with female organs inside but did not remove it. I only removed the hernia and did not take the chance,”. I told him to come for a follow up but he did not,” said Dr Shah.

The Hermaphrodite: Norrie May-Welby

Norrie May-welby is a hermaphrodite who lives in Australia. The activist is determined to legally change the gender boxes on all applications to read male, female and gender not specified. To read Norrie's story, click here.

The Hermaphrodite: Ines Rau

The hermaphrodite Ines Rau is heating up the internet with his (or her) steamy photoshoot with supermodel Tyson Beckford. In interviews circulating the internet, the hermaphrodite refrains from discussions regarding her/his childhood. Instead he admits that one should consult with a professional before undergoing a sex change operation. For more, click here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Hermaphrodite: Xxxora

Born neither male or female, the artist Xxxora is determined to live his (or her) life as a hermaphrodite. In a article posted here, Xxxora declined to share his birth name and only leaked minor details of his past. Instead, the artist admits that she was born a male but live mostly as a female, while openly admitting that she's a hermaphrodite. Xxxora artwork expressively depicts the mental state of a hermaphrodite.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hermaphrodite: Iyabo Abade or James Johnson

Iyabo Abade was a hermaphrodite who sneakily played professional female football in Nigeria. After a few surgical procedures, Iyabo Abade - now James Johnson is living life as a man. In a interview posted on punchng website, James called two female players out - claiming both to be hermaphrodites. Forced to address these allegations, the head coach of Marasta Soccer Academy admits that the claims are true and that both hermaphrodites are sisters, who are in need of mental and physical treatments.


Former Super Falcons forward, James Johnson, has made a startling revelation saying there are two hermaphrodites playing women football in Nigeria. Johnson, formerly Iyabo Abade, played female football as a hermaphrodite but had surgery in the United States of America in 2004 and is now living as a man. The head coach of Marasta Soccer Academy, Abuja, revealed that the two players were sisters, adding that she was working to help them overcome their trauma, just like she did nine years ago. “As I speak with you, the two players are hermaphrodites. One plays for Pelican Stars of Port Harcourt while the other plays for a club in Akwa Ibom State. I speak with them and I am helping them out. I have given my doctor in the US their contacts,” Johnson told our correspondent.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hermaphrodites In Malaysia

Noraziani Rameli and her husband Mohd Rahim Yusof are the parents of two hermaphrodites; five year old Nor Intan Syamimi Mohd Rahim and two month old Liahana Dalisya. The parents are seeking financial support to fund two gender reassignment surgeries.

"I know it is very expensive to remove the male genitals and we cannot afford to pay for the operations to remove the organs...that is why I am appealing to anybody to help us we need to decide on our children’s gender before they grow up and we do not want them to be khunsa (hermaphrodites)..."Quoting: Noraziani Rameli

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Ladyboy In Ikea?

The marketing team for IKEA Thailand is facing a lawsuit for discrimination. The team published a commercial titled, "Forget to Keep Hidden" that shows a middle aged man running away from his girlfriend after realizing that "she" is a "he". Click below to view the video:

The Hermaphrodite: Robert or Michelle Kosilek

The hermaphrodite Robert or Michelle Kosilek is receiving special treatments as a inmate housed at a prison in Massachusetts. In 1990, Robert was convicted of killing his wife and is currently serving a life sentence - yes, a life sentence. Robert has a gender identity disorder and after spending over 10 years in jail, he (or she) was granted a sex-change operation. The decision is currently on hold, following an appeal by the Department of Corrections. According to online reports, the procedure was set to be paid with taxpayer dollars.

To read more, click here.

Spotted: Aphrodite

In the November 2012 issue of the Smithsonian magazine, a short article was published on the famous marble Aphrodite statue. Despite a focus on the sexual developments hidden under wrapped clothing, the article focused on anciently displayed "eye-popping pigments".
"The Greeks took their beauty seriously. It was a beauty contest, after all, that touched off the Trojan War. Athena, Hera and Aphrodite vied for Paris to decide who was the fairest among them. After Aphrodite promised him the love of the most beautiful mortal woman, Paris carried off Hellen to Troy. Thus began the true mother of all wars. As the goddess of love, beauty and sexual pleasure, Aphrodite inspired cult worship and challenged artists to render her in suitably magnificent form..."
To read more, click here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Krittapak Duangchai

The Phuket Gazette Reports:
"A young man in Lampang province wants to ordain as a monk at his local temple...his local temple will not ordain him as he is a hermaphrodite...The budding monk possesses a vagina as well as a penis and menstruates each month...Mr Krittapak said he had been both a man and a woman since he was born and this had caused him much confusion when growing up...after tests showed that he had more male hormones than female ones, he decided he wanted to go “all in” as a man – and have his vagina surgically removed...Mr Krittapak’s mother said that since he was born, she had considered him a girl and called him “Miss”...But these days, he considers himself a man and has a girlfriend.."
For more, click here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hermaphrodites in Cuba

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro revealed to media outlets that her country identified 37 hermaphrodites who are in need of reconstructive surgery. To date, 20 hermaphrodites have benefited from the genital adaptation surgery (free of charge). Seventeen slots are available for those who qualify. For more, click here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Yousuf Al Refal or Sara Nour Ahmei

In Egypt, Yousuf Al Refal lived life as a female name Sara Nour Ahmei - until the age of 18. At age 33, Yousuf reveals to media outlets that he was born as a hermaphrodite and this revelation has caused a riff between him and his family. In a article posted on the net, "He claims his relatives want him to live life as a woman to save his brother from military service in their native Egypt".

In His Own Words:

"I just want to live like a normal human being, just like everybody else. Ever since I can remember, I felt like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. I played with guns, I couldn’t understand why girls played with dolls. We had no idea such a condition existed back then, I thought that something was wrong with me. My stepmother has made my life very difficult all my life and I have suffered for years with her. On top of that she stood in the way of treatment to fully change to a man over the past years and until now. As soon as I found out this condition existed, I felt so relieved."
Story Continues...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update: Santhi Soundarajan

"...It was the biggest shock of my life. The shock is still there in my mind...It ended my sports career. I even attempted suicide in 2007 by taking poison...It was a mental torture..Everybody would think that I am not a good sports person... it was as if I had committed a crime...I still feel sad. And that's why I want Semenya should be treated with honor. She's a good athlete..Don't reject (withdraw) her medal. She should be allowed to run (as a woman)." --- The Hermaphrodite Santhi Soundarajan submits an emotional plea to media outlets in support of fellow athlete Caster Semenya. Santhi was stripped of her Olympic medals after her gender test results were leaked to the media. Santhi is giving back to her community by training 65 aspiring Gold Olympic medalist within India.

Update: Caster Semenya

On August 11th, the hermaphrodite Caster Semenya of South Africa won a silver medal in the Women's 800m Final at the 2012 London Olympics.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Rabia or Muhammad Umair

“I wanted to commit suicide because of the way my brothers and sisters behaved with me. My shave would grow and everyone would make fun of me. Our neighbours wouldn’t let me enter their houses,” --- 20 year old female Rabia Umair reveals after doctors performed his "free" sex change operation. The sex reassignment surgery was performed at the Parkash Medical Centre. According to online reports, Rabia has three sisters and five brothers and a blind and deaf father. She's a resident of Ghazi Khana, a remote village of the Buner district. A doctor at the hospital has offered Rabia a job so that he can "gain confidence as well as...financial assistance" - throughout the phase of his recovery.

Update: Hermaphrodite Caster Semenya

On Friday, South Africa’s Caster Semenya carried her country's flag during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Despite being cleared to participate in the competition, the subject of Caster's gender remains the topic of discussion - at the Olympics. Some websites are reporting that test results conducted in 2009 confirmed that the athlete's body "has both male and female characteristics—she’s externally female, and internally male, essentially — and produces far more testosterone than the average woman." - despite this discovery by medical officials, Caster will compete in the Olympics as a woman.

Update: The Hermaphrodite Sidney Starr

In life people make mistakes – big mistakes – and I’m one of those people...And I want to give a huge apology to Chingy for anything I caused to throw dirt on your name I was wrong. I want to say I was wrong 100,000 times and I want to get off my chest.” -- The hermaphrodite Sidney Starr admits in a video posted on WorldStarHipHip and s/he wasn't involved in relationship with the rapper Chingy.

Update: The Hermaphrodite Larry or Lana Wachowski

Matrix director Larry Wachowski has spent the last several years transitioning into Lana Wachowski. The director was spotted recently at a event promoting her (or his) latest film entitled, "Cloud Atlas". The credits for the new film has him listed as Lanna Wachowski - not Larry.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Pinki Pramanik

Test results were recently conducted on a female Gold-medal-winning athlete from India name Pinki Pramanik. The former athlete recently spent 26 days in jail for raping her live-in girlfriend. The girlfriend added additional claims to the charge by stating, "...Pinki has male sexual organs". While in jail, doctors were ordered to perform test results on Pinki and the results were released to several media outlets. According to these reports, Pinki Pramanik was born as a Male pseudohermaphrodite:
For more, click here.

The Hermaphrodite: Thai bantamweight Usanakorn Kokietgym?

As the UK prepares to debut women boxing at the London Olympics, stories surrounding the gender of a young competitor heats up the internet. Twenty-four year old boxing competitor Thai bantamweight Usanakorn from Thailand was ordered to undergo hormone testing on Friday - ahead of her bout against Australian champion Susie Ramadan. According to online reports, the test result revealed extremely "high" levels of testosterone and many are wondering if she was born as a hermaphrodite. For more, click here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Luke Anderson

"If he was to win, he could go private as it’s such a long, long haul going through the NHS...He’s had his breasts removed and the next stage, I guess, would be a hysterectomy and then the final stage, if it’s what Luke wants, would be a penis...It’s a long, long way off though. It’s a lot of heavy surgery. Some transgendered people don’t feel the need to have all the surgery but I think Luke wants to.” -- The mother of Big Brother (UK) contestant Luke Anderson reveals to media outlets - that if her child wins, he'll use the money to fully transition into his desired gender. For more, click here.


In southern China, Farmers are inbreeding and performing sex change operations on their hens to sell their meats as a delicacy across Asia. According to The Daily Star, "Farmers have been performing gruesome gender-bender operations on their hens in an afford to fatten them up for the slaughter house". For more, click here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Male, Female or Hermaphrodite: Joseline Hernandez

A reality starlet who goes by the moniker "Joseline Hernandez" on Vh1's hit series "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" has the internet at a buzz. Shortly after the first episode aired on Monday, Joseline became a trending topic. Many wondered if she was born a he - outraged by the constant questions regarding her (or his) gender, Joseline posted a nude photo on twitter and uploaded a video to prove that she's really a female. According to the Sandra Rose blog, someone close to the aspiring rapper revealed that Joseline (whose's real name is Shenellica Bettencourt) was born a male who underwent a sex change operation at an early age. And so, we ask is she a he?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update: Caster Semenya

According to online reports, runner Caster Semenya is receiving hormone replacement treatments to balance the testosterone levels in her body. Thus far, the medication has soften her masculine appearance. Reportedly, the treatments has been prescribed by an expert IAAF medical panel. For more, click here.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Incest: Michelle Rodriguez

"Even though my great-grandparents were first cousins, I don't think I'll ever go down that path if I ever get married." --- Actress Michelle Rodriguez provides the following response after discovering a few historical facts regarding her great-grandparents on her father side (And that more family members on his side of the family were into inbreeding). The Actress appeared on the PBS show "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates Jr - when Louis unearthed the incestual facts regarding her father's side of the family.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Tyler

“Why did you change me?...God made a mistake with me...Something went wrong when I was in your belly.” - Quoting: Tyler

Tyler's birth certificate reads "female" and at age 2 she decided to live her life as a male. With accepting parents, the 5 year old is enjoying his life as a boy. In a article published in the Washington post Tyler parents decided to pull their biological names from publication because their story is widely known throughout their community in Montgomery County. A quote from the article reads: His parents allowed him to present himself as a boy when he was 4, after he was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. In September 2012, Tyler will enter into the school system as a boy - not a girl. To read more, click here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Steve or Stevie Crecelius

Celebrity photographer Steve Crecelius has transformed into a female name Stevie. After marriage and the birth of six kids, Steve Crecelius recent visit with a doctor revealed that "he" was born a "she". He was also informed that "he" was born with both male and female sex organs. Click here to read how his wife is coping with his new identity.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Update: Andrej Pejic

As the topic of Gay Marriage heats up the political arena, the hermaphrodite supermodel Andrej Pejic spent the first part of this week strutting down the catwalk in several wedding gowns designed by Rosa Clara. The highly sort after model is in Barcelona supporting designers as they showcase their latest and greatest designs in fashion. For more, click here...and here.

Update: Jenna Talackova

Yesterday, Hermaphrodite contestant Jenna Talackova graced the stage wearing a white bikini at the Miss Universe Canada competition. Originally, the aspiring supermodel was disqualified by businessman Donald Trump after it was revealed that Jenna was born a male - who underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a female at age 19. The Miss Universe Canada competition is being held in Toronto. For more, click here.

The Hermaphrodite: AzMarie Livingston?

" If I have any label put on me then I would like to be the epitome of androgyny. I have "androgynous" tattooed as one of my tattoos because I am" - Quoting: AzMarie Livingston

Last Wednesday, AzMarie Livingston was voted off the 18th cycle of America's Next Top Model. The androgynous model has become the African American follow-up to the androgynous supermodel sensation Andrej Pejic - and was recently linked romantically to former "Cosby Show" cutie Raven-Symone. In a interview posted on the ChicagoPride website, AzMarie reveals that she's a lesbian and that her parents are in acceptance of her current lifestyle - she also reveals that her father is living his life as a gay man. To read more, click here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


An Iranian receiving sexual services from two ladyboys in Pattaya was whacked in the head for not paying accordingly. The adult male hid his face as medical officials wrapped his head in bandages. Reportedly, the ladyboys whacked him in the head with a pair of high heeled stilettos. For more, click here.

The Hermaphrodite: Bidhan Barua or Swati

Bidhan Barua or Swati is causing quite a stir in India. On April 17th, Swati was scheduled to receive a sex change operation at Saifee hospital. The surgery didn't go as planned because his parents threatened medical personnel and his doctors. According to online reports, the surgery will not take place until a High Court Ok's the decision. Swati believe that he's a female trapped in a male body and would like to become a women to serve as a wife to his lover - a flight lieutenant in the Indian Air Force. For more, click here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Update: Thomas Beatie

The internet is at a buzz regarding the separation of hermaphrodite Thomas Beatie (born Tracy LaGondino) and wife Nancy. After nine years, the duo decides to separate. Thomas recently revealed that she has fully transitioned into a male by undergoing surgery to transform her dual genitals into a functional penis and Nancy have-yet to see or experience the newly constructed genital - ouch.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Thomas or Christiance Voelling

Thomas (or Christiance) lives in Germany and has spent his life coping with his genetic makeup. He was quoted as saying, "My childhood and teenage development was often agonizing because I did not really know what was wrong with me and where I belonged..". At age 47 the Nurse and Author of "I was a man and woman - My life as an intersexual" shared his (or her) story with NBC News Producer Andy Eckardt. During the interview, Thomas reveals to readers that a doctor removed his female reproductive organs without consent - he later sued and the doctor was ordered to pay over 100,000 in damages. To date, Thomas is living his life as a woman name Christiance and is determined to fight for the rights of those who were born "this" way. Click here to read Christiance's story.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hermaphrodites In Hollywood

"While his name has become almost synonymous with the word “handsome”, this actor was not born a male. He was actually born a hermaphrodite. He had both testicular and ovarian tissue, and ambiguous-looking external genitalia. In other words, he was born with both male and female parts." --- The # 1 blind gossip website that has Hollywood entertainers on the edge of their seats posted an interesting "blind item" today. This one features a famous manly Actor who was born as a hermaphrodite; neither male or female - despite his manly appearance and popularity. Who is he? Click here to tune into the conversation:
Update: The answer to this post was solved (leading Actor Brad Pitt) and appears to be an April Fools joke. However, it rings truth for some leading men within Hollywood and as the saying goes, there's an ounce of truth in every joke. Please note that Brad and Angelina have a daughter name Shiloh whose gender is at question.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twin Hermaphrodites?

"The operations on both the twins are successful...They said they would continue to save up (money) from hard work so they can return for their respective last phases of surgery," --- Surgeon Zhao Yede was quoted as saying after surgery was completed on a set of hermaphrodite twins at the Shanghai Hosptial. The 25 year old sisters both received a sex-change operation. According to online reports: The sisters, from Yunnan province in China's southwest, had always wanted to be male. Doctors told the Daily that they spoke and dressed like men, and had vowed never to marry as women...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Border City Brawlers Roller Derby Club

"We want to make sure our policy reflects what our league believes; that's being as inclusive as possible...All women, including trans women, are welcome to sign up for our league." --- The spokesperson for the Border City Brawlers Roller Derby Club in Windsor, Ont (Canada) announces that their league is open to all genders; including hermaphrodites. The announcement comes as Canada kick off Transgender Awareness Week which runs March 25 through March 31st.

The Hermaphrodite: Jenna Talackova

A beauty pageant contestant representing Canada was recently booted out the competition after committee members discovered that she was born a he. The Donald Trump owned beauty pageant confirmed last Friday that 23-year old Jenna Talackova has been disqualified - despite being selected among 65 finalist for the 2012 competition. According to online reports: The Miss Universe Canada organizers threw out Jenna Talackova when they found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman. Reportedly, Jenna began taking female hormones at age 14 and underwent reassignment surgery in 2008. It takes roughly 10 years for a person to fully transition into their selected gender. The Miss Universe competition will be held in Toronto in May.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Out Hotel

Earlier in the week, New York City opened the doors to their first Gay Hotel; The Out Hotel. The 105-room gay urban resort is "straight friendly" and located in Mid-town Manhattan. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday and according to their website, the hotel features a nightclub, spa, restaurant and outdoor spaces...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Jose Ruiz or Jasmine Martinez

A 39 year old hermaphrodite born Jose Ruiz and later adopted the monkier Jasmine Martinez is planning to sue the Department of Corrections in Colorado reports 9News.com. Jose (or Jasmine) reveals that she was born with both male and female reproductive organs and was forced to be housed with men. Reportedly, the "Department of Corrections has a special housing unit for hermaphrodites and inmates going through a sex change, but staff decided she didn't belong there." And as a result, Jasmine believes that her civil rights were violated. During the scheduled interview with 9News, Jose (or Jasmine) admits that s/he refers to her condition as both intersex and hermaphrodite.

Story Continues...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Caroline Kinsey

At age 43, the hermaphrodite Caroline or Carl Kinsey decides to live out his life as a female. According to The Small World News Service, at birth "Doctors decided she should live as a boy as it would be too difficult for a girl to disguise a penis. She has both a penis and a vagina but does not have any testicles and does not know whether she has ovaries...She is now planning to complete her transformation by having surgery to remove her male genitalia...Caroline decided to speak out about her ordeal to raise awareness of the condition – Disorder of Sex Development (DSD), also known as being ‘intersex’...Members of the public often confuse intersex people with those who are transgender because of a lack of understanding.”

Story Continues...

The Hermaphrodite: Queen Christina of Sweden

As part of an upcoming exhibition of 100 documents in Rome's Capitoline Museum, a eight-page parchment document announcing the abdication of Queen Christina of Sweden will be on display today. The document comes complete with seals from members of the Swedish paliament. It was widely speculated that Queen Christina of Sweden was born neither male or female. This was based solely on her masculine behavior, deep voice and her unconventional sense of style. Born Kristina Augusta and later adopted the moniker Christina Alexandra, she or he served as The Queen of Sweden from 1633 to 1654.

Story Continues...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP: Whitney Houston

"The biggest devil is me. I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy." -- The Grammy award winning R&B / Pop Singer was found unresponsive with her head submerged under water, inside of a bathtub located in her hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in California. At the present time, the cause of death remains unannounced. She was 48 years old.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update: Andrej Pejic

It's that time of the year when hermaphrodite models strut their images down the Catwalk. In New York City and all around the world hermaphrodite model Andrej Pejic remains in high demand. According to a representative at his agency DNA Models, "dozens of calls pour in every week touting a slew of hot new androgynous (hermaphrodite) models: "They say, 'Oh, you've got to see this guy! He's the black Andrej Pejic!" -- this black version of Andrej Pejic is another hermaphrodite waiting to hit mainstream. If you spot him on the catwalk before we do, let us know.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update: Phoebe Hart

"I started off in my mum's uterus as a boy, but my body didn't respond to testosterone. The code was there to be a boy but it didn't hold, so I developed along female lines. I have female genitalia but no uterus and I was born with internal testes...I also use the term hermaphrodite to describe myself – it's a provocative word and can be offensive, but I think it can be reclaimed in an empowering way" --- The hermaphrodite Phoebe Hart writes as she opens up and shares her life story with Australia's Body + Soul.

Story Continues...