Friday, July 7, 2017

Suicide, Invertations and The Livelihoods of A Hermaphrodite

Suicide. Historic departures from life, noted. Their return unpleasant at hello - for those who knew, where the ill-liquid or self inflicted wounds would take them. A death certificate, noted - suicide, the cause. Understanding, as an invert - the lifecycles, one must live to return as a Female or Male. Eighteen, Twelve, Ten - a spirit guide reveals. Bonding with those who accepted the numbers - and together, we live and then, they fade, the numbers - the livelihoods. Our bodies stolen and stored in wearhouses - not the ones we were choosen to live-in, nor on a lot - a business lot, stolen for storage. As we sought a deeper understanding, some of us are at eighteen or at the end, enjoying Twelve and Ten - at the same time. Headlines still read - suicide and we stop to remember those who did - those who kept up and those who were poisoned. Until we return to our genders, we Live, for Life - as it was granted.

Unsettled: The Inverted

In the race to return to our genders, the battle of the undocumented remains unsettled. Some quietly occupied business lots and later discovered wearhouses - that welcomed the inverted. The ones pictured above - is memorized as a pleasant wearhouse - mixed with givers. It's rare for a lot to welcome wearhouses and Agivers. On the lot pictured above, those who were called to occupy this lot, were welcomed.

The Hermaphrodite: A Rare Fish?

As with humans, animals - rare ones, are returning as hermaphrodites. Some are undocumented and some are mislabeled. Some scientific studies, which lead to documented research - has some animals listed as, poisoned, for the cause of death. If the animals pictured above were poisoned, are we viewing one of their return states? Is this animal on her (a her in him) way of becoming a certain type of fish - that's already documented? Click here for more.

Spotted: The Hermaphrodite

Hermaphroditism comes in different stages - as the body, fully transition out of the mixed state. For some, there are Eighteen livelihoods to fullfill, and for others their are less. This depends on the ways in which the Female or Male state departed. Some have committed suicide, some were poisioned and some were asked, by a spirit guide, to keep up - with their mate. It's safe when you are married and choosen to step inside of your wife, as the body enters and exit different livelihoods, with some livelihoods left undocumented. The stage of the hermaphrodite is the most explored, documented and linked less to the invertated state of a Male or Female - on the road, to return to their gender. The lifestyle of the hermaphrodite is often associated with the Gay, Lesbian and/or bisexual society - whose history is well known amongst those who are returning as an inverted Male or Female. For More, Click here.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hermaphroditism and Suicide

Suicide is a self inflicted aim at Life, if committed. Some have committed suicide to join a social club underground and some were forced to accept suicide as the end of their last liveli, after they were posioned. If you were (or are) a willing participant of suicide, you return to life with 18 inverted livelihoods facing you. If you were posioned, you live through less than 18 of these livelihoods. In this year of 2016, we have inverted Males and Females living their livelihoods undocumented. Some are accepting their livelihoods as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgendered or Interbreeded, just to become documented. In actuality, you are inverted, not Gay nor a Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex and maybe Transgendered, if you truly understood the term. Locate your Wife or Husband to discover if they are inverted as well, withold your need for a sex change operation, you maybe removing an important part of their body - you are invertedly living inside of your mate's body, it's your safety net until you both return to your life as a Male or Female.

Inverted: The Livelihoods Of A Hermaphrodite

Suicide is a self inflicted aim at Life, if committed. Some have committed suicide to join a social club underground and some were forced to accept suicide as the end of their last liveli, after they were poisoned. If you were (or are) a willing participant of suicide, you return to life with 18 inverted livelihoods facing you. If you were poisoned, you live through less than 18 of these livelihoods. In this year of 2016, we have inverted Males and Females living their livelihoods undocumented. Some are accepting their livelihoods as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgendered or Interbreeded, just to become documented. In actuality, you are inverted, not Gay, A Lesbian, Bisexual, nor Intersex and maybe Transgendered if you truly understood the term. Locate you Wife or Husband to discover if they were inverted as well, withold your need for a sex change operation, you maybe removing an important part of their body - you are invertedly living inside of your mate's body, its your safety net until you both return to your life as a Male or Female.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


As early as the 16th Century humans were secretly inbreeding and bringing forth a different type of species. As time moved forward the species were documented in hospitals and within historical research as True or Pseudo Hermaphrodites. Unfortunately the term True and Pseudo Hermaphrodite wasn't allowed on the newborn's birth certificate and so they grew up mislabeled and placed into the genders of Female and Male. Here in the 20th Century many countries around the world are beginning to accept hermaphrodites as a third gender, but they have yet to identify a name suitable for that gender. Soon, bathrooms around the world will offer units suitable for the hermaphrodites.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Hermaphrodite: Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner

"If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life."

On June 1st, Pseudo hermaphrodite Bruce Jenner showcased his feminine side by gracing the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. The father now, a mommydad of six has accepted his current and previous lifestyle. As he embark on his journey to become a feminine female, he decides to rename himself Caitlyn. As the transitional female Caitlyn, Olympic Committee Members are in agreement to acknowledge Bruce Jenner's current and former life as the 1976 Gold Medalist. With this acknowledgement, residents in Austin, El Paso, Clarksville and Tennessee are waiting on the Olympic Committee to change several street signs that honor Bruce Jenner's accomplishments - to Caitlyn Jenner.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Hermaphrodite: Bruce Jenner

As the world awaits Bruce Jenner's name change, many are still stun to learn that the former Olympic gold medalist is transgendered. In a recent interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on April 24th, the former Olympian admits that he was born different. Bruce didn't reveal if he was a Pseudo-Hermaphrodite or a True-Hermaphrodite, instead he shares his decision to take additives to become a woman. In the 80's Bruce reveals, that he came close to transitioning but, placed the process on hold, for the sake of his children. During this interview the status of his children, now adults, health condition were spared. When a parent is born with an inherited health condition, the inherited trait is passed down to their offsprings. Throughout Bruce Jenner's life, his body was producing high volumes of testosterone, that was somehow mixed with an admittance of estrogen injections. During the Mid-70's Bruce held an advantage over his male opponents, the advantage was his genetic mishap. Although he's apologetic now, he faces a slew of backlashes, the lost of his life as a male and his Gold Medals as an Olympian representing The United States of America.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Karl Holzer

On June 12, 1992 a pregnant hermaphrodite name Karl Holzer gave birth to a boy he named Hans. His story was featured in the publication "World Weekly News" where he discussed a prior story in which a man revealed that he -to was a true hermaphrodite, preparing to give birth. Karl voiced his opinion of the other man's false story and also shared that there are others like him, meaning true hermaphrodites:
Karl also stated that he's a mother and father and that he got himself pregnant. The interviewer did not ask Karl if he went to a sperm bank or further questions regarding his sex life. Instead the article focused on Karl being a male hermaphrodite, who had given birth to a boy. The article didn't share if Karl's son was a hermaphrodite or carrier - a person who carries the trait to birth hermaphrodites. For more, click here.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Kylie Jack

For a Pseudo or True Hermaphrodite it is difficult to find garments that fit comfortable on one's body. A body thats going through changes as the hermaphrodite grow into their developmental stages. Kylie Jack a Pseudo-Hermaphrodite was recently told that s/he cannot try on clothes at a lingerie shop that is known for customizing their garments. Kylie is not the first hermaphrodite to be denied service at a high-end department store, or at a boutique that caters toward the straight male or female. Click here to read Kylie's story.

A Hermaphrodite From Zhejiang province, China

A Eunuch was recently diagnosed as a Hermaphrodite shortly after checking into a local hospital with complaints of stomach pains. The 44 year old hermaphrodite checked in as a male and was later told by doctors that he's actually a female:

According To Online Reports:

A man who went to hospital with STOMACH ACHE was told it was period pains - and he's a woman as well. The married 44-year-old from Zhejiang province, China, was in fact experiencing period pains, doctors told him. And they were just as surprised as their patient to discover he had a full set of female reproductive organs as well as a penis - which had kept him and his wife happy for the past 10 years. Being 'Intersex' affects one in every 2,000 UK births and there are roughly 30,000 intersex people in the UK. Intersex people may be genetically female, but physiologically male. Some will be true hermaphrodites, producing both eggs and sperm. The man from Zhejiang province, China, visited his local doctor with his wife in Yongkang, where a CT SCAN showed the man had both a uterus and ovaries. A further examination revealed he had a pair of female sex chromosomes. Therefore, genetically at least, Mr. Chen was in fact a woman. Doctors said it was too late for Mr Chen to seek medical treatment for his unusual problem as it was only effective for younger people.
In articles published on and offline, the term Intersex is being used to replace the original term of Hermaphrodite. Those who were born under the term of hermaphrodite considers it to be insulting or stigmatizing and would rather the term to be banned from publication. In the UK alone there are 30,000 people living their life as a Pseudo or True hermaphrodite. For more, click here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Andrea Kelly?

The ex-wife of R&B crooner R.Kelly is raising a - now known hermaphrodite. Her thirteen year old daughter Jaya Kelly has come forward to share her wish to transition into a boy. In 1992, following R.Kelly's arrest for pornography related charges, the identity of the children they shared were noted as a boy and two girls - with no mentions of a child being born "That Way": Within the last week, the internet became flooded with stories of Andrea Kelly daughter's wish to become a boy. Some articles went on to state that she would like a sex change operation - and to have her breast removed one day. Jaya also shared her relationship with her father with the mention of distance and rarely seeing him. In September 2005, Andrea Lee Kelly filed a protection order against R.Kelly - that was later dropped. The pornography scandal was enough to file a full custody request of the children the two shared: All sued court cases that involves R.Kelly and his estranged wife are sealed. His wife was recently featured in the reality T.V. series "Hollywood Exes" - she remarried and has divorced again. There are two pictures of Jaya posted below, one features Jaya with her father on stage dressed as a boy (with burettes) and another one is of Jaya dressed, well in-between via her instagram account. The internet states Jaya's age as 13, and at this age, your body begins to hit puberty - it may become more masculine or more feminine - it depends on the gender that's dominating the hermaphrodites' body. Little is known about Andrea Lee's life before she met R.Kelly and so we ask, is she a hermaphrodite or just a carrier? And what about R.Kelly, is he a carrier? It's difficult to locate pictures of R.Kelly's parents, which leads one to wonder...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hermaphrodites In Africa

The Hermaphrodites in Cape Town (South Africa) are leaning on their government to support them as they transition into their desired gender. Most recently the only center available to hermaphrodites is being flooded with request, but due to a lack in funding and staff it will take 15 to 20 years for these patients to receive the proper care that's required. The town is reporting that hermaphrodites from age 13 to 60 are seeking the required treatments. For more, click here.

Hermaphrodites Link To Incest

In 1999 the Indian Express published a article linking hermaphroditism to incestuous relationships. It went on to state - that this condition can result from different types of drug usages. The second reasons may stem from a pregnant woman too embarrassed to admit that the father of her child is a relative, and so other excuses were documented.
Marriage within close relations or within the same community may increase the risk of hermaphroditism as it helps preserve bad genetic factors responsible for this congenital disorder, doctors have warned. Hermaphroditism or indeterminate sex is primarily a result of genetic malfunctions...
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You Can't Hide Your Pride: Pete Cahall

The Principal at my alma mater in Washington D.C. has opened up about his sexuality to students. As a yearly event, students at Wilson High School sets one day aside to honor and celebrate their pride. At the school's second annual event, the principal took the stage to share his story, the story behind his sexual orientation with students. He went on to share that he spent 50 years hiding in the shadows and that he hid all of his life:
"I want to say publicly for the first time because of your leadership, care and support that I am a proud gay man who just happens to be the principal of Wilson High School..I'd be a big hypocrite if I didn't speak my truth"
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Friday, May 30, 2014


In a decision ruled this evening, The Department of Health and Human Services overturned a 33-year-old policy banning sex change operations for those who suffer from the condition of hermaphroditism. Reportedly, the condition lacked experimental studies to qualify seeking recipient. Based on research conducted after 1981 and the presence of many stepping forward to receive the required surgeries, it will be granted through the Health Program Medicare.


Sex-change operations will now be covered by Medicare after a federal health department appeals board on Friday struck down a 33-year-old policy excluding the procedures...In 1981, they said, the procedure was still considered "experimental" and "controversial." As more evidence emerged that the procedure is safe and necessary,…The American Medical Association has said that these procedures are legitimate medical treatments for a known disorder and that it opposes the denial of health insurance based on gender identity.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lovelycare for Hermaphrodites?

Hermaphrodites who live in Rochester, New York are relived to learn that their sex change operations will be covered by the government - yes, the government! The insurance package is simply titled, "Lovelycare" -- the cities Mayor is named Mrs. Lovely Warren. The insurance policy claims to cover sex change operations for family members as well. Please note that being born as a hermaphrodite is a genetic trait (a disorder of sex development (DSD) ) that is passed down. It's a lot similar to a person born with hemophilia or diabetes, however the trait is not the same.

Reported Online:

The City of Rochester will extend transition-related healthcare coverage to its employees who are transgender and gender non-conforming. Mayor Lovely Warren made the announcement at the Empire State Pride Agenda's Spring Dinner at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center Saturday. Approved by the City's Labor Management Healthcare Committee in April, the new coverage will pay for services related to gender reassignment surgery such as medical and psychological counseling, hormone therapy and cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. The benefits will go into effect beginning January 1, 2015, where the City of Rochester will then add transgender healthcare benefits for employees and their family members who are enrolled in the City's 'enhanced' medical plan.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Chelsea "Bradley" Manning

Widely known as the source who leaked secrets from the U.S. Government via Wiki-leaks is scheduled to receive hormone replacement therapy in prison. Several news outlets are reporting that Chelsea or Bradley will leave a Military Prison to receive the required treatments at a civilian prison:

As reported:

"The Pentagon is trying to transfer convicted national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison where she can get treatment for a gender-identity condition. But her lawyer said Wednesday that a move from a military prison would make Manning choose between the treatment and her safety…Manning has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, the sense of being a woman in a man's body. Civilian prisons can provide treatment, but the Defense Department does not, and a transfer would allow her to see if she wants to complete the transformation to being a woman."
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Nigeria's Unrest: Bring Back Our Girls

On April 14th, over 200 Schoolgirls were kidnapped from the village of Chibok in Nigeria. Within the last two weeks a militant group under the leadership of Boko Haram has come forward to claim responsibility for the kidnapping. For the first time since their disappearance the girls are shown grouped together in a video reciting Boko Haram's Islamic needs. These Schoolgirls are being forced to convert their education and religious beliefs to Islam by becoming devout Muslims. The unrest in Nigeria has caused worldwide attention, with online and offline rallies all around the world urging the safe return of these girls. To check or track their status and news updates, click here.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hermaphrodite Owner: Zoran Paparic

A farmer in Croatia is happy to become the parent of a 8 legged hermaphrodite Goat he named Octogoat. Local veterinarians were on site to hand over the pet goat to his new parent and to share the health conditions of the hermaphrodite siblings. Unfortunately the local vet did not inform pet owner Papric that his beloved Octogoat was a victim of inbreeding.

As reported online:

Paparic farms in the Croatian town of Kutjevo. Veterinarians in the area tell Paparic that his new kid has extra legs because he was supposed to be born with another sibling but it was underdeveloped. The goat's mother, Sarka, gave birth to two female siblings in addition to the multi-legged goat, which is also a hermaphrodite with both female and male reproductive organs.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hermaphrodites Vivian Stiviano?

In a matter of hours, Vivian Stiviano became a household name after a audiotape leaked online exposing her 80 year old boyfriend as a racist. Vivian's boyfriend is Donald Sterling, a married billionaire who owns the Los Angeles Clippers. The duo is pictured above accompanied by another he/she-male at a Clippers home game. According to online reports Vivian is being sued by Donald Sterling's wife for interfering with the couple's marriage. Some sites are reporting that Vivian Stiviano was born as Maria Vanessa Perez and has used the names Monica Gallegos and Maria Valdez. And so we ask, is Vivian a male, female or hermaphrodite?

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: M.C.

The foster parents of a eight year old "True Hermaphrodite" is headed to court. The duo has filed suit against the South Carolina Department of Social Services and two local hospitals, with claims that they violated the child's rights after doctors removed the child's male genitalia, at six months.

According to online reports:

Doctors referred to M.C. as a “true hermaphrodite,” and while the child was in the care of the South Carolina Department of Social Services, doctors, in cooperation with social services employees, decided to surgically remove M.C.’s male genitalia. According to the complaint, the child, now 8 years old, has shown signs of developing a male gender and identifies himself as a boy...According to the lawsuit, filed in both state and federal court, the State of South Carolina violated M.C.’s constitutional rights when doctors surgically removed his phallus while he was in foster care, potentially sterilizing him and greatly reducing, if not eliminating, his sexual function.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Claudette

I was born with both male and female genital parts so that it wasn’t clear if I was a boy or a girl when I was born. But my parents let me chose who I was, what my identity was even if they declared me as a boy at my birth. In 1937 it was an undeniable advantage...I never felt bad about being hermaphrodite, it’s the others who have a problem with it; not me"-- 52 year old Claudette is living a quiet life in Switzerland, as a husband, parent and prostitute. The aging hermaphrodite has come forward to share his/her story with media outlets. To learn more, click here and here.

A Hermaphrodite Tiger?

It seemed to be a hermaphrodite. It has testicles but no penis and has uterus but no ovaries. It has a tiny hole near the rectum and urine was passed through it. But before we confirm it as a hermaphrodite, we need to have a histopathological examination. This is a very curious case and I have never come across anything like this before,”- A veterinarian in Kerala, India forrest shares the following statement after a deceased hermaphrodite Tiger was discovered. Researchers are trying to determine where the animal came from and if it was a victim of inbreeding. For more, click here...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A 65 Year Old Hermaphrodite

A 65 year old man had his uterus unknowingly removed by a doctor. The father of three children was recently admitted to the Government District Hospital Baramulla in India with lower abdominal pains. After doctors agreed to perform surgery, they discovered a full uterus with fallopian tubes. Three doctors performed the removal unknowingly to the patient.

According to online reports:

Doctors are suspecting that the patient might be a hermaphrodite (a person who has both male and female sex organs, and other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or as the natural condition). “We did not tell him about this problem given the social stigma and psychological trauma associated with such things,” said Dr Shah. Doctors said it is for the first time in Kashmir’s history that a man who fathered three children was diagnosed and operated upon for such a unique medical problem. “Around eight years ago, I saw a 14-year-old boy with female organs inside but did not remove it. I only removed the hernia and did not take the chance,”. I told him to come for a follow up but he did not,” said Dr Shah.

The Hermaphrodite: Norrie May-Welby

Norrie May-welby is a hermaphrodite who lives in Australia. The activist is determined to legally change the gender boxes on all applications to read male, female and gender not specified. To read Norrie's story, click here.

The Hermaphrodite: Ines Rau

The hermaphrodite Ines Rau is heating up the internet with his (or her) steamy photoshoot with supermodel Tyson Beckford. In interviews circulating the internet, the hermaphrodite refrains from discussions regarding her/his childhood. Instead he admits that one should consult with a professional before undergoing a sex change operation. For more, click here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Hermaphrodite: Xxxora

Born neither male or female, the artist Xxxora is determined to live his (or her) life as a hermaphrodite. In a article posted here, Xxxora declined to share his birth name and only leaked minor details of his past. Instead, the artist admits that she was born a male but live mostly as a female, while openly admitting that she's a hermaphrodite. Xxxora artwork expressively depicts the mental state of a hermaphrodite.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hermaphrodite: Iyabo Abade or James Johnson

Iyabo Abade was a hermaphrodite who sneakily played professional female football in Nigeria. After a few surgical procedures, Iyabo Abade - now James Johnson is living life as a man. In a interview posted on punchng website, James called two female players out - claiming both to be hermaphrodites. Forced to address these allegations, the head coach of Marasta Soccer Academy admits that the claims are true and that both hermaphrodites are sisters, who are in need of mental and physical treatments.


Former Super Falcons forward, James Johnson, has made a startling revelation saying there are two hermaphrodites playing women football in Nigeria. Johnson, formerly Iyabo Abade, played female football as a hermaphrodite but had surgery in the United States of America in 2004 and is now living as a man. The head coach of Marasta Soccer Academy, Abuja, revealed that the two players were sisters, adding that she was working to help them overcome their trauma, just like she did nine years ago. “As I speak with you, the two players are hermaphrodites. One plays for Pelican Stars of Port Harcourt while the other plays for a club in Akwa Ibom State. I speak with them and I am helping them out. I have given my doctor in the US their contacts,” Johnson told our correspondent.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hermaphrodites In Malaysia

Noraziani Rameli and her husband Mohd Rahim Yusof are the parents of two hermaphrodites; five year old Nor Intan Syamimi Mohd Rahim and two month old Liahana Dalisya. The parents are seeking financial support to fund two gender reassignment surgeries.

"I know it is very expensive to remove the male genitals and we cannot afford to pay for the operations to remove the organs...that is why I am appealing to anybody to help us we need to decide on our children’s gender before they grow up and we do not want them to be khunsa (hermaphrodites)..."Quoting: Noraziani Rameli

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Ladyboy In Ikea?

The marketing team for IKEA Thailand is facing a lawsuit for discrimination. The team published a commercial titled, "Forget to Keep Hidden" that shows a middle aged man running away from his girlfriend after realizing that "she" is a "he". Click below to view the video:

The Hermaphrodite: Robert or Michelle Kosilek

The hermaphrodite Robert or Michelle Kosilek is receiving special treatments as a inmate housed at a prison in Massachusetts. In 1990, Robert was convicted of killing his wife and is currently serving a life sentence - yes, a life sentence. Robert has a gender identity disorder and after spending over 10 years in jail, he (or she) was granted a sex-change operation. The decision is currently on hold, following an appeal by the Department of Corrections. According to online reports, the procedure was set to be paid with taxpayer dollars.

To read more, click here.

Spotted: Aphrodite

In the November 2012 issue of the Smithsonian magazine, a short article was published on the famous marble Aphrodite statue. Despite a focus on the sexual developments hidden under wrapped clothing, the article focused on anciently displayed "eye-popping pigments".
"The Greeks took their beauty seriously. It was a beauty contest, after all, that touched off the Trojan War. Athena, Hera and Aphrodite vied for Paris to decide who was the fairest among them. After Aphrodite promised him the love of the most beautiful mortal woman, Paris carried off Hellen to Troy. Thus began the true mother of all wars. As the goddess of love, beauty and sexual pleasure, Aphrodite inspired cult worship and challenged artists to render her in suitably magnificent form..."
To read more, click here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Krittapak Duangchai

The Phuket Gazette Reports:
"A young man in Lampang province wants to ordain as a monk at his local temple...his local temple will not ordain him as he is a hermaphrodite...The budding monk possesses a vagina as well as a penis and menstruates each month...Mr Krittapak said he had been both a man and a woman since he was born and this had caused him much confusion when growing up...after tests showed that he had more male hormones than female ones, he decided he wanted to go “all in” as a man – and have his vagina surgically removed...Mr Krittapak’s mother said that since he was born, she had considered him a girl and called him “Miss”...But these days, he considers himself a man and has a girlfriend.."
For more, click here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hermaphrodites in Cuba

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro revealed to media outlets that her country identified 37 hermaphrodites who are in need of reconstructive surgery. To date, 20 hermaphrodites have benefited from the genital adaptation surgery (free of charge). Seventeen slots are available for those who qualify. For more, click here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Yousuf Al Refal or Sara Nour Ahmei

In Egypt, Yousuf Al Refal lived life as a female name Sara Nour Ahmei - until the age of 18. At age 33, Yousuf reveals to media outlets that he was born as a hermaphrodite and this revelation has caused a riff between him and his family. In a article posted on the net, "He claims his relatives want him to live life as a woman to save his brother from military service in their native Egypt".

In His Own Words:

"I just want to live like a normal human being, just like everybody else. Ever since I can remember, I felt like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. I played with guns, I couldn’t understand why girls played with dolls. We had no idea such a condition existed back then, I thought that something was wrong with me. My stepmother has made my life very difficult all my life and I have suffered for years with her. On top of that she stood in the way of treatment to fully change to a man over the past years and until now. As soon as I found out this condition existed, I felt so relieved."
Story Continues...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update: Santhi Soundarajan

"...It was the biggest shock of my life. The shock is still there in my mind...It ended my sports career. I even attempted suicide in 2007 by taking poison...It was a mental torture..Everybody would think that I am not a good sports person... it was as if I had committed a crime...I still feel sad. And that's why I want Semenya should be treated with honor. She's a good athlete..Don't reject (withdraw) her medal. She should be allowed to run (as a woman)." --- The Hermaphrodite Santhi Soundarajan submits an emotional plea to media outlets in support of fellow athlete Caster Semenya. Santhi was stripped of her Olympic medals after her gender test results were leaked to the media. Santhi is giving back to her community by training 65 aspiring Gold Olympic medalist within India.

Update: Caster Semenya

On August 11th, the hermaphrodite Caster Semenya of South Africa won a silver medal in the Women's 800m Final at the 2012 London Olympics.