Friday, June 6, 2014

Hermaphrodites Link To Incest

In 1999 the Indian Express published a article linking hermaphroditism to incestuous relationships. It went on to state - that this condition can result from different types of drug usages. The second reasons may stem from a pregnant woman too embarrassed to admit that the father of her child is a relative, and so other excuses were documented.
Marriage within close relations or within the same community may increase the risk of hermaphroditism as it helps preserve bad genetic factors responsible for this congenital disorder, doctors have warned. Hermaphroditism or indeterminate sex is primarily a result of genetic malfunctions...
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  1. I am a true hermaphrodite. I knew I was different than others as a small child but was not sure where I fit in with others. It took many years for me to accept myself due to all the lies I was told as a child by those in my family I should have been able to trust to tell me the truth. Nonetheless I found out the truth on my own. Its taken me many more years after finding where I fit in society or dont fit in society, after finding out the truth about me, to embrace who I am and what I am. Im not yet ready to come out of the closet publicly with my news but I do accept me finally and am able to love myself. It has taken almost 6 decades to get here and to forgive my parents for the lies and for what they allowed to be done to me surgically. Maybe someday I will be ready for the next step in my progression and healing but for now Im content to know the truth for myself.