Friday, July 7, 2017

Suicide, Invertations and The Livelihoods of A Hermaphrodite

Suicide. Historic departures from life, noted. Their return unpleasant at hello - for those who knew, where the ill-liquid or self inflicted wounds would take them. A death certificate, noted - suicide, the cause. Understanding, as an invert - the lifecycles, one must live to return as a Female or Male. Eighteen, Twelve, Ten - a spirit guide reveals. Bonding with those who accepted the numbers - and together, we live and then, they fade, the numbers - the livelihoods. Our bodies stolen and stored in wearhouses - not the ones we were choosen to live-in, nor on a lot - a business lot, stolen for storage. As we sought a deeper understanding, some of us are at eighteen or at the end, enjoying Twelve and Ten - at the same time. Headlines still read - suicide and we stop to remember those who did - those who kept up and those who were poisoned. Until we return to our genders, we Live, for Life - as it was granted.

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