Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: Andrea Kelly?

The ex-wife of R&B crooner R.Kelly is raising a - now known hermaphrodite. Her thirteen year old daughter Jaya Kelly has come forward to share her wish to transition into a boy. In 1992, following R.Kelly's arrest for pornography related charges, the identity of the children they shared were noted as a boy and two girls - with no mentions of a child being born "That Way": Within the last week, the internet became flooded with stories of Andrea Kelly daughter's wish to become a boy. Some articles went on to state that she would like a sex change operation - and to have her breast removed one day. Jaya also shared her relationship with her father with the mention of distance and rarely seeing him. In September 2005, Andrea Lee Kelly filed a protection order against R.Kelly - that was later dropped. The pornography scandal was enough to file a full custody request of the children the two shared: All sued court cases that involves R.Kelly and his estranged wife are sealed. His wife was recently featured in the reality T.V. series "Hollywood Exes" - she remarried and has divorced again. There are two pictures of Jaya posted below, one features Jaya with her father on stage dressed as a boy (with burettes) and another one is of Jaya dressed, well in-between via her instagram account. The internet states Jaya's age as 13, and at this age, your body begins to hit puberty - it may become more masculine or more feminine - it depends on the gender that's dominating the hermaphrodites' body. Little is known about Andrea Lee's life before she met R.Kelly and so we ask, is she a hermaphrodite or just a carrier? And what about R.Kelly, is he a carrier? It's difficult to locate pictures of R.Kelly's parents, which leads one to wonder...

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