Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Hermaphrodite: Bruce Jenner

As the world awaits Bruce Jenner's name change, many are still stun to learn that the former Olympic gold medalist is transgendered. In a recent interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on April 24th, the former Olympian admits that he was born different. Bruce didn't reveal if he was a Pseudo-Hermaphrodite or a True-Hermaphrodite, instead he shares his decision to take additives to become a woman. In the 80's Bruce reveals, that he came close to transitioning but, placed the process on hold, for the sake of his children. During this interview the status of his children, now adults, health condition were spared. When a parent is born with an inherited health condition, the inherited trait is passed down to their offsprings. Throughout Bruce Jenner's life, his body was producing high volumes of testosterone, that was somehow mixed with an admittance of estrogen injections. During the Mid-70's Bruce held an advantage over his male opponents, the advantage was his genetic mishap. Although he's apologetic now, he faces a slew of backlashes, the lost of his life as a male and his Gold Medals as an Olympian representing The United States of America.
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