Friday, May 30, 2014


In a decision ruled this evening, The Department of Health and Human Services overturned a 33-year-old policy banning sex change operations for those who suffer from the condition of hermaphroditism. Reportedly, the condition lacked experimental studies to qualify seeking recipient. Based on research conducted after 1981 and the presence of many stepping forward to receive the required surgeries, it will be granted through the Health Program Medicare.


Sex-change operations will now be covered by Medicare after a federal health department appeals board on Friday struck down a 33-year-old policy excluding the procedures...In 1981, they said, the procedure was still considered "experimental" and "controversial." As more evidence emerged that the procedure is safe and necessary,…The American Medical Association has said that these procedures are legitimate medical treatments for a known disorder and that it opposes the denial of health insurance based on gender identity.

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