Friday, July 7, 2017

Spotted: The Hermaphrodite

Hermaphroditism comes in different stages - as the body, fully transition out of the mixed state. For some, there are Eighteen livelihoods to fullfill, and for others their are less. This depends on the ways in which the Female or Male state departed. Some have committed suicide, some were poisioned and some were asked, by a spirit guide, to keep up - with their mate. It's safe when you are married and choosen to step inside of your wife, as the body enters and exit different livelihoods, with some livelihoods left undocumented. The stage of the hermaphrodite is the most explored, documented and linked less to the invertated state of a Male or Female - on the road, to return to their gender. The lifestyle of the hermaphrodite is often associated with the Gay, Lesbian and/or bisexual society - whose history is well known amongst those who are returning as an inverted Male or Female. For More, Click here.

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