Sunday, March 22, 2009

Katie Sketch: lead singer of the Canadian Band, "The Organ"

'People are never sure if I'm a pretty boy or a boyish girl.'

"Never a statement more true. Whenever magazines like Vogue or Elle (especially the US and UK versions) try and do 'androgynous' editorials, they never quite go there with their models, almost as if they are afraid to shed their femininity completely. All very well putting a long-haired pouty-lipped model in a slouchy trouser suit but it always looks sort of half-hearted.

So I'm glad Katie Sketch has embodied the word 'androgyny' perfectly. Her looks are so extreme and combined with the styling, it really has inspired me to take masculine dressing to a new level. It's not just me though - even Marc Jacobs has decided to feature Katie in the new Marc by Marc Jacobs campaigns. For a mainstream publication like Vogue, this actually looks like an alienating editorial but I love that they finally decided to be that little bit braver."

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