Monday, March 16, 2009



The MOD over on the Destiny Child Rumour blog has stolen a few of my "original" ideas and posted them on her blog. This unfair action resulted from an email that i sent her. It was the same email that i sent to the MOD of Hateonbeyonce blog. Here's a copy of the email:

From: The Truth About Hermaphrodites
Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 5:08:36 PM
Subject: The layered Effect - Beyonce and the Single Ladies Track


I am always on your blog posting "facts" not "fiction", regarding hermaphrodites in Hollywood. I was watching the movie titled "Over my dead body" starring Eva Longoria. The musical introduction featured a track by Sergio Mendes. I also posted comments on HOB regarding music artist use to create (the layered effect) hot beats. Well, we all know that Beyonce copied Will Smith track, "Switch" for Single Ladies. We were trying to fetch the additional tracked used in the layering method. Well, the track used to finalize the "single ladies" sound was "Mas Que Nada" performed by Sergio Mendes. If you can fetch the instrumentals to both songs play them simultaneously. This combination will produce the exact beat for Beyonce's Single Ladies track.

Here's the link to the video on Youtube:

"Mas Que Nada"
Written by Jorge Ben
Performed by Sergio Mendes featuring The Black Eyed Peas (as Black Eyed Peas)
Courtesy of Concord Music Group, Inc.
And Courtesy of A&M Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises


Well, neither MODs posted the information, so i took it upon myself to post it here. As a backlash, the MOD over on the DestinyChildRumor blog stole a few of my original ideas and posted them as her own. As a result, i will no longer post on the DestinyChildRumor Blog!


  1. thanks for posting what the issue that occurred blog mod. I didn't know. I don't like plagiarism. In school teachers flunked you for plagiarism. Good you put folks on blast. I've had my hard work stolen from others and I learned to keep ideas close to the vest now.

    Has the other blogger apologized?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. @12:56PM

    No one else apologized! And the MOD over there actually used my exact words in her post!

    They always steals and never quote the original source!

    Even my choice of words and writing style showed up on other blogs!

    It's the same thing they did when i would post over on HOB.

    I was so upset when my words where read through a so-called quote from Beyonce in a recent magazine!

    I mean she copied the exact words off of a comment I posted on HOB. I was very upset to read it in a magazine baring her photo shopped image, so superficial.

    Beyonce is unoriginal and lacks intelligence! She probably got kicked out of school for copying other people homework and exams.

    Man - you can get kicked out of college for copying!

  4. @5:32am

    When bloggers copy from you, consider this as a indirect compliment. It sucks when they don't state, the location of the retrieved data or image. There's no respect in the blogging arena!

  5. Hi Truthfully speaking,
    My bad for not responding earlier. Your response went to another email and I just checked it today. Thanks so much for replying :-).

    Remember when we posted about giving credit to your sources? That is such a sticking point with me.

    The blog mod should of cited you as the source and give you proper credit. Especially since you were sharing your knowledge and info.

  6. ok..this is what I heard....LeToya Luckett...was born a man...she was the back up dancer to Janet Jackson..Rudy Houston!!

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