Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stage Name: Amber Rose

Honestly speaking, Amber Rose was born as an androgynous female. Her ex-girlfriend was born as an androgynous feMale (hermaphrodites). The music video below is an psychoanalysis of Kayne West "Love Lock Down". It gives an amazing view, that’s often over looked, as one view music videos. In this video, Kayne West struggles with his attraction to a androgynous male (and/or female). The two giant "strange women with markings" on them, are images of an androgynous female. Hollywood is filled with them. The ones who escaped jail time are surely glamorizing their ways of doing so, through music videos, extremely suggestive photo spreads and live performances. To view these strange women who bare the markings, scroll over to mark 7:25...

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