Monday, March 23, 2009

Thomas Beatie (Male) and or Beatie Thomas (Female)

"A columnist, Jane Moore, wrote that Beatie, who is "gender confused" is nothing but a bearded lady, and has kept her vagina and uterus despite calling herself a man. Moore goes on to say that Beatie has created a "freak show." Moore goes on to say that since Beatie kept all her reproductive organs, she is "Therefore, this is not, I repeat NOT, ’the world’s first pregnant man’ as sold." Beatie is also cashing in on the publicity the attention is bringing.

Moore has written about transgender couples for over 15 years, and now wonders if a similar couple’s daughter emerged from her experience "unscathed." The man in that relationship was born a woman and had given birth to a daughter before undergoing gender reassignment with a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy. He had later met a woman who had previously been a man and the daughter grew up calling her Mum. In case you’re confused, the couple was really a man and a woman, who switched gender roles, but still ended up having a relationship with the opposite “gender confused” sex."


I don't understand why it’s difficult for people to...TELL THE TRUTH! "Moore" didn't conduct proper research, nor did Oprah. Beatie was birthed through an incestuous relationship, as well as her mate! The hereditary trait is embedded within her genes and they will pass on to her offspring’s! Beatie is a hermaphrodite slash androgynous person. If she had plans to give birth, why take hormone pills to appear more manly, then give birth and tell everyone that you are a male? The first man to give birth? You see, she was chosen to give birth because her mate's reproductive organs were removed during her gender re-assignment process. I wouldn't be suprised if these two are family members (look and listen to them both). If they are related, i am almost positive that they were married, so they can't testify against each other!

Now, thanks to every major television outlet, she has enough money to transform her offspring’s!

Another falsehood glamorized!


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