Saturday, March 14, 2009

TV SHOW ON GSN: Without Prejudice?

There's a T.V. show on the GSN network called, "Without Prejudice". On this show, hermaphrodites compete to undergo a corrective procedure in the gender re-assignment process.

The corrective gender re-assignment procedure cost $25,000 and the ultimate deciding factor goes to the "public". This video clearly states for all to head to for additional information. Well, if you conduct a search on the GSN site, nothing comes up for, “Without Prejudice”.

Hollywood is filled with hermaphrodites! This also explains the real reason why certain gay related laws aren’t passed! The population of intersexes and those born straight are at half (50/50). Most politicians (republicans and democrats) resulted from incestuous relationships. Just look closely at members within Congress (Hint: Rudy) and last I checked, it was unlawful to have sex with your relatives!

Thank you for sharing this link on youtube, Sexy Fabolous!


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  1. ... That is NOT what 'Without Prejudice' is about.