Monday, April 20, 2009

Androgynous Pop Star: Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun won a vote-in contest called Super Girl in 2005 and was recognized as “proudly androgynous” and has having “boyish charm.” She’s been influential in ushering in a wave of gender ambiguity in popular Chinese culture.
China pop star Li Yuchun led a team of China Super Girls to hold a concert in Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong on Tuesday (Jan 2). Yuchun was the 2005 winner of the popular China Super Girls singing competition; while Shang Wenjie is the latest winner in 2006. Both of them and a dozen of other Super Girls finalists entertained a full house of 3600 audience at the stadium.

Super Girl Li Yuchun receives presents from an eight-year-old fan at the signing ceremony in Beijing October 24, 2005.
Wondering if the eunuch is now called "The Super Girl or Super Boy" in China? The Super gender identifier, is a girl and a boy merged into one (with talent, of course).


  1. What the hell is going on with all this gender bender shit. I mean really, those intersexuals are really taken over. I know that at a young age, alot of girls are what you consider tom boys, however in time most of them grow out of it. Also most of them do not have dual sex organs. What I would like to know is that because someone is gay, This do not necessarily mean that they are intersexuals. Is it a possibility that these genger benders are just tom boys or male that have female characteristics?

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  3. To be honest with you, the "gender bending" society have dominated our television screen for many years (Judy Garland, Prince, Annie Lennox, Boy George). Those who were on the outside looking in were clueless. Those who were on the inside looking out, knew what was going on because most share the same secret and didn’t speak on it!

    If these people are caught frolicking with the same sex, they come out as "gay" or "lesbian". Coming out as a "hermaphrodite" or "intersexual" is equivalent to admitting that both of your parents are related. Those born as a “heir” are known to impregnate their own family members to ensure that the wealth remains within the family. It’s not popular to admit that you are a hermaphrodite or intersexual (with respect to laws associated with incest). Only a few has admitted to being born as a hermaphrodite but this took place years after the public was deceived and the parents have passed on. As an example, Annie Lennox has admitted to being born as a hermaphrodite on her blog and I am not sure if her parents are still alive (Annie has children too, that might become the next Rock Star, they hide out in Hollywood).

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