Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bigfooted Hermaphrodite: Dana Owens OR Queen Latifah...

Like West, Latifah has strong affinities to gay culture. Especially because of her role as Cleo in Set It Off, gay rumors have haunted her publicity, so that "a decade later, she's still getting asked how much she and Cleo have in common," a 2006 article in Essence reports. Her reply in this interview is typical of what she has said over the years: "Latifah refuses to confirm or deny. She says she has plenty of gay friends, and to deny anything about her personal life would be an insult to them" (Amber 182). As Ciasullo reports, Latifah's remarks about lesbianism over the years have ranged from defiance ("I'd rather have you die wanting to know") to a cool distancing from the topic, with the effect of leaving the question ambiguous (598). Discussing the strong, womanist character played by Latifah on Living Single, Krystal Zook argues that this ambiguity was a key to Latifah's power on that show, which played up her resistance to traditional sex and gender roles (68-74).
According to this week’s edition of the National Enquirer, Queen Latifah plans to marry her partner of five years, personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins.

Queen Latifah has been very tight-lipped about her relationship with Jenkins, and told Ebony magazine in 2007 that she would not comment on the rumor that Jenkins was her girlfriend. She didn’t deny it, she was just annoyed that she was asked.

“No comment on that at all. I’m done commenting on all that … It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know.

“And if the readers don’t know me, then that’s one part they aren’t going to get to know. Those are my people but they don’t sleep with me,” she says in a very even tone that is very consistent with her relaxed mood. “It feels so invasive. It’s the one thing I don’t think people need to know about.”

According to the Enquirer, the couple are “planning an intimate ceremony with close famiy and friends.” They are also reportedly interested in adopting an American baby.
Though Queen Latifah first gained notoriety spitting rhymes in the male dominated rap world, she hasn't released a hip hop album in nearly 10 years, preferring to busy herself with films like Beauty Shop and Chicago -- for which she received an Oscar nomination -- and recording jazz standards. But the Queen, AKA Dana Owens, is ready to reclaim her rap throne when her new album produced by rap legends like Dr. Dre, LL Cool J, and Missy Elliot hits music stores in December. Latifah still hasn't named the CD, but tells Rolling Stone that she was considering naming it The L Word to make light of the constant rumors claiming she is a lesbian. "L was gonna stand for love though or La," she laughed. "Since people want to play games, I like to jab back sometimes just for fun, but I'm like, 'Nah, that’s too much energy wasted.'" We hear you, Queen, enough of the game playing. We're thinking you should title it something like "No More Beating Around My Bush."
Queen Latifah’s new memoir “EXACTLY AS I AM” might have people knocking there “closet” doors down, to run to the book store. Queen La tells the author Shaun Robinson this…

“I [used to] ingratiate myself to him and then sleep with him. Afterward, I felt disgusting - really gross and nasty … and I hated myself. That feeling was so horrible, I decided I would never do that again.”


  1. Okay Queen Latifyah does look like a damn man By the body. How is she related ti Mahalya Jackson? If you look at Micheal Jackson's mother she looks just like Mahalia Jackson in the face. Also Latoya Jackson made comments waaaaay back tht their father use to molest them. Do you believe tht there is some truth to it? She was on The Joan River talk show making that claim, and you know what, it did not sound like she was lying. I did not want to believe it, but it sounded very true. Maybe thats why Rebbie and the other children married so quickly, to get the hell of out that house.

  2. The internet has stated that, "Mahalia was the third child to John A. Jackson, a barber and preacher, and Charity Clark, who died at the age of 25 when Mahalia was four years old. In 1916, her father sent her to live with her aunt Mahalia "Duke" Paul."

    Now why would someone give their aunt a gender bender name like Mahalia "Duke" Paul? An aunt? John A. Jackson sounds just like a Jane Doe and or John Doe.

    Mahalia Jackson has a song titled, "Hand on the Plow". During her era, this term was used to secretly describe the location of a hermaphrodite house (homemade house or stuttering house). The so-called elite hermaphrodite use to meet up to enjoy their karma sutra sessions. These meetings developed into another secret society. Many were upset with Mahalia because she used Gospel music to mislead the people.

  3. It's amazing that Mahalia Jackson and Queen Latifah has the same body type and facial feature, plus she has a voice just like Mahalia's.

  4. I wonder if they will request that Queen Latifah play Mahalia in a motion picture? You know, the same way they asked Beyonce to play James-Etta Hawkins...

    Thank you for paying attention!

  5. Mahalia Jackson
    Joseph Jackson
    Catherine Jackson
    Jesse Jackson

    Just Be Honest!

    Jesse Jackson look like Joseph Jackson!

  6. The internet is reporting that Jesse Jackson isn't related to Mahalia (yeah right) but, he had this to say about her music, "It was like choosing between the devil and God. You couldn't have it both ways."

    Also, they use to call Mahalia "Little Haley" and i wonder why?

  7. It is rumoured that Jesse Jackson is the one that set Martin Luther King up to be assasinated. Go on you tube and look up Steve Cokely. I believe this. You know that MLK was a part of the Black Boule and Tried to defect that is why he was killed. He also had secret meetings with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and at the end of his life he converted to Islam. Take a look at his last speach "I Have A Dream". Do you see all the brothers dressed in white with the Cuffies on their heads. Well those are Muslim brothers. Now brother MLK had millions of followers that would have done anything that he requested. If he would have told them to do what the Hon. Elijah M. said do, the white society would not be in control like they are today. We should not have to go to the slave massa and ask him for a fukking job. We buy from everybody but are damn self. Have yall notice that people come from other countries and set up they stores and shyt right in our neighbor hoods and get rich. We don't sell shit to anyone. But we go running to give everybody else our money. Please my bothers and sisters look up BLACK WALL STREET. It's about us flourishing in oklahoma and how the Motherf--- government came and bombed our neighborhood. We must take back our independence from these devils. We out number them but they divide us to conquer us. These so called black celebrities help the NWO with their agenda. Beyonce, Gay-Z, Diddy, Oprah, Denzel, 50 cent, lawrence Fishburn, Jamie Fox just to name a few are all down with the Brotherhood. This Boule brotherhood is an extension of the SKull and Bones faternity that is ran out of Yale. A known satanic society. They worship the Baphomet. Some years back they discovered under one of the buildings on Yales campus, over a hundred skeletons. Especially those of children. I will put money on the fact these were people that was sacraficed to satan. What ppl fail to realize is that Devil worship is alive and very well. And most satanist are very wealthy. Hell, how do you think they got that way. But in the end there is a sacrifice that has to be made. And alot of times it is someone you love or yo azz. Just reflect on this for a minute. Bill Cosby's son, Dr. Jay's son, Kanye West's mother, Micheal Jordan's father (and trust me those boy did not do it), Aliayah, Left eye, Jam Master Jay, Dr. Dre's son, Biggie(which was set up by Diddy himself), Tupac (which was set up by Suge Knight) Please ppl wake the heck up. The hour glass is almost empty. MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU!!!

  8. I knew that Jesse Jackson setup Martin Luther King and he was paid for it.

    The "rainbow" colition is just a stage for the intersexual foot soldiers to march on.

    Jesse Jackson is related to Mahalia Jackson and Jospeh Jackson!

  9. So are Jesse Jackson and Jospeh Jackson intersexuals?

  10. Just look at pictures of Joe Jackson, especially when he was younger. Men didn't arch their eye-brows back then.

  11. The Queeen is still thorough on the MIC and can rock with the best of them. When and if a new joint comes out she should rock with KRS-ONE or some of the old school cats that still flowin. Much Love to you La!

  12. Hola Everyone and may OUR LORD JESUS Bless you all real good!! Many of the secret socieites have existed for a long time. The Skulls and Bones are strictly for Yale, but they are extension of the FreeMasons who are under the Illuminati. Other secret socieites are Bohemian Grove,The Elks,The Council on Foreign Relations(which is Angelina Jolie's in which she is a member of this one) Alicia Keys took the oath earlier this year since working with Jay-Z who is an 33rd degree Freemason himself! why do you think he is so successful? Alicia Keys was throwing up the baphomet sign @ the AMA'S when she and Jay-Z performed that song 'New York' which is an insult to JESUS himself! Alicia Keys is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority which is linked to the Eastern Stars! The devil has always imitated GOD in every aspect since he has been kicked out of heaven; you must remeber that satan gift was music! Music is very powerful that can lead you into worship for JESUS or worship for the devil! Beyonce is possessed by a spirit named what? You all know it; Sasha Fierce! Many of these celebrities LOVE money! Now remeber: I TIMOTHY 6:10 FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS A ROOT OF ALL SORTS OF EVIL, AND SOME BY LONGING FOR IT HAVE WANDERED AWAY FROM THE FAITH AND PIERCED THEMSELVES WITH MANY GRIEFS!

    Now don't get it wrong GOD is not against you being Blessed with money, you must have money to pay tithes and offerings,to pay your bills,to feed the poor,to pay mortage,and help other charities! GOD does not want us making a small god out of it or worshipping it like many of these people have! Ecclesiastes chapter 10:19 lets us know MONEY is the answer to everything.

    Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12 states:

    It is amazing,how Parents,Aunts,Uncles,Cousins,Nieces,Nephews,and Mentors use these people as role models! It really trips me out about P.Diddy and pititful Shuge Knight just about lost his mind after losing his home and other possessions! He decided to 'find' JESUS as he has put it!! Look @ DMX these BlueBloods,The Rothschilds, and so many others have done damage with a lot of people! Even down to that Israel Flag!! The Rothschilds paid to change the original star!

    Israel is GOD chosen people! Well anyway Lo-Siento about the long post! GOD Bless!!!

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