Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bizarre hermaphrodite fad sweeps U.S.

And even though many medical experts are convinced that the trend is just a passing fad, gender-bending “herms” themselves say “boy-girls” aren’t just “a topic du jour.” They’re here to stay.

“I used to be all man, now I’m all woman, too,” gloats Bob aka Marcia Kaylor-Fenlyn, a former college football star who underwent “herm surgery” in Asheville, North Carolina, last July and is over the moon with the results.

“And the great thing is, I’ve always got a date. If I feel like being a guy, I give one of my lady friends a jingle.

“If I feel like being a girl, I get one of my guy pals on the horn to find out if he’s free for the night.

“It doesn’t even matter if they tell me to get lost. I never find myself wanting for male or female companionship, because, when push comes to shove, I’ve always got myself.”

Nobody knows for sure where the hermaphrodite fad got its start.

But many believe it has its roots in the teachings of controversial sexologist Dr. Thomas Keener, who before his death in 2002, argued that humans “will never find true happiness as long as they cling to old-fashioned views about gender.”

He went on to suggest that gender-enhancement surgery would allow people to explore and express the male and female aspects of their personalities “on every level — in bed and out.”

“The operation is only slightly more involved than an ordinary sex change,” she says. “For a man, we simply add a vagina beside or beneath his ‘manly plumbing’ and then augment his breasts with implants.

“For a woman, we construct a penis from the big toe or, in some cases, the thumb, while leaving their female sex apparatus intact. In any case, the surgery is reversible.

“If a patient changes his mind after becoming a hermaphrodite, it’s easy to put things back the way we found them or just go ahead give him a full-blown sex change.

“With herms, everything we need to work with is right there in front of us. We have lots of options.”

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  1. David Icke doesn't sound so crazy now does he?

    Read his books, he's been saying this stuff for years.

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