Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hermaphrodites, Innersexed, Different Sexed Not a Choice

I tried looking up information on the Internet about Hermaphrodites. The sad thing is that almost all that came up was pornographic websites. What I was looking for was information on the medical abnormality about inner-sexed people.

Oprah had people on one of her programs that was Hermaphrodites. They weren't transsexuals or transvestites they were inner-sexed. If you have studied any of the differences you will know that there is a vast difference between this group of people. You might even wonder why I am interested. No I am none of the above. I am interested for several reasons. One is it is fascinating. There is so much hoopla about the gay issue and bisexuals, not to mention, transsexuals and transvestites that I like to at least be educated on the subject. I don't like it when people start judging and condemning without even knowing what they are talking about.

The other reason I am interested in this subject is because we had a member in my family that would be my second cousin whom was supposed to be a Hermaphrodite. I wonder now if it is really true. There is a rare hormonal disease and I can't find out any information on it, where if it is not treated, the person will die. I am sure that 80 years ago they were unaware how to treat it. I found out about this disease through a friend who has a relative who is being treated for this and is living a normal happy life. The symptoms are weight gain and hair growth all over the body. I wonder if that isn't similar to the bearded ladies in the circus?

Back to my little cousin. The reason relatives were so convinced that she was a Hermaphrodite was because she was the product of an incestuous relationship between my great-aunt and great-uncle. They were brother and sister. Just to hint at the insanity in my family, my mother said that if they would have gotten fixed and moved to a different state and married, no one would think a thing about it. What? A brother and sister marrying is okay in my mother's book. The sad thing is I have an old photo album and there is photo of this beautiful little girl who looks perfectly normal. As she grew she began turning into this hairy, grotesque, little, monstrosity. I saw a photo of her after her illness progressed. She was so sad and pathetic, and died not long after the photo was taken. I guess everyone felt that because she was a product of this incestuous relationship that it was for the best. Now there has been evidence that it is not necessarily true that you will have a deformed baby if you have had an incestuous relationship that produces a child. Perverted, sick, yes, but it will not necessarily produce a monster.

I didn't realize that Hermaphrodite deformity takes on many forms.....


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