Thursday, April 30, 2009

Josef Fritzl and Thai's "Rent Boys"

Well - Josef Fritzl enjoyed having sex with teenage rent-boys in the Thai sexland Paradise! If you are paying attention, Josef Fritzl wasn't the only one who traveled to Thailand to have sex with "Lady-boys" (hermaphrodites). Most of these well known celebrities had sex and left 99% of these lady-boys pregnant. If you don't believe me, give the "talented" who are in the states today a blood test!

Are you paying attention?

Now - answer this question, why are celebrities flocking to Thailand -- to save these refugees? Are they merely searching for their long lost relatives? Are they trying to sneak them out of the states, by use of their celebritity status?

Josef Fritzl wasn't the only pervert who use to frequent "Pattaya". I wonder if "Josef Fritzl" has children running around in those refugee camps. I am sure the government keeps track of the U.S men (women and celebrities) who spent time in "Pattaya" or even on the outskirts.

CELLAR beast Josef Fritzl enjoyed romps with teenage rent-boys and tranny hookers in a Thai sex paradise, The Sun can reveal. The 73-year-old monster sickened British holidaymakers after they spotted him hand-in-hand with a 16-year-old lad.

Fritzl stayed at the resort in Pattaya for up to six weeks at a time, trawling the notorious gay haunt Boyztown at night.

Brit Stephen Crickson, 51, of Huyton, Liverpool, said: “He was a disgusting pervert and all the ex-pats and regular holidaymakers knew what he was up to.

“Rent-boys, ladyboys, he would go with anything. At one point he was spotted by one bar regular with a 16-year-old.”

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  1. You are clearly delusional, are you on meds for this or have you gone undiagnosed. I'm not trying to be mean spirited I'm a mental health care worker and I can recognize the signs. You should really go talk to somone, help is out there but you have to make the first step and seek it. God Bless

  2. Please - you are the delusional one! Wake Up! The signs are all around you.

    As a case worker, i am sure you've read many incest related cases! You are fully aware that being born as a hermaphrodite is real and has been a taboo subject. I am a certified registered NURSE! I am highly educated in this area. Social Worker are becoming well known for overlooking "FACTS"!

    I onced worked with a doctor who hid medical documentation related to hermaphroditism!

    I onced worked with a doctor who wouldn't share the truth with a patient, because the parent had requested that this doctor refrain from telling the truth! That the child was birthed through a incestuous relationship!

    I know you heard of the HIPPA and laws that associates with it!

    I am a registered NURSE and i graduated from the University of Pennsylvania!

    Forgive my typos i am sending this via blackberry.

  3. You are really a nut case...seriously.

  4. thai sex land paradise ? man i don't like these words

  5. Can you explain how a ladyboy is able to get pregnant?