Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Laverne Cox

A Mobile, Alabama native, Cox started her serious dance training in high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham. She moved to New York City to study at Marymount Manhattan College where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance. There, Laverne also became interested in acting, music and gender theory. Laverne continued her acting training at Black Nexxus Studios with world renowned acting coach Susan Batson where during her studies she was called on by Ms. Batson to teach.
I've always felt in my heart that I'm a girl and now a woman. For years my feelings were more of identification than experience. I remember being in a women's studies class in college feeling so connected to the issues that were being discussed. I was very androgynous at the time. Most of the other women in the class perceived me as a very effeminate, very effeminate gay man. As much as I identified as a woman, at the time the other women in the class just saw me as a man with the potential to oppress. I recall referring to one of the women in class as honey and everyone getting on me about that.

Living for 10 years as a woman in the world, I feel as if the womanhood I've always felt inside has finally been actualized outwardly. Yet so many still would disavow that womanhood because of my transgender status. Obviously I know I can occupy multiple spaces. I can be trans and a woman, but I'm also a black woman. There's a pain that that history engenders that is very real in the lives of black women right here and now in America. It's a pain that's similar to the sentiments that compelled Sojourner Truth to ask, "Ain't I a woman" over 150 years ago. It's something that black women in America know if we look around at images and mindsets that devalue us. But we know it more because we feel it in looks and looks away and the tones in people's voices, in fashion magazines and other media representations.

Laverne Cox who has trannies everywhere clicking their heels, is opening doors as a contestant on "I want To Work For Diddy" Apprentice show on VH!. Laverne is not only stealing the Hearts of viewers but she also has a lot of hidden talents. She was serving up lap dances better than the pros recently. Just imagine what she could do if she was working the pole. The look on The lucky dude's face is priceless! could he look any less enthused? Butt umm. what I wanna Know is where is the beef? Either he has gone through with the old snip snip, or he has one hell of a tuck because I can't see any trace of it.

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