Friday, April 24, 2009

Le Tigre

FAMILIAR WITH HERM CHOREOGRAPH? Well, if you've ever attended a Le Tigre concert, choreographed by band member JD Samson, you've seen it. Herm (slang for androgynous queer) locates Samson and the boy-band-derivative moves one sees at Le Tigre shows--her tributes to how queer bodies negotiate the world. Equal parts dance style and critical intervention, Samson's choreography is just one element of a performance practice that reopens questions about community, fandom, feminism, queerness, and their conjunctions and differences, by drawing on staged spectacle, audience exuberance, and punk-derived dance tunes with sneaky samples and make-your-heart-swell lyrics ("for the ladies and the fags, yeah / we're the band with the roller-skate jams"). Le Tigre toured North America and Europe for six months last year, which was the culmination of a creative spurt for the trio, who have released three records since 2001.


  1. Dayuuuuuuum they let anybody perform in today's society. What in the hell is this bullshit. Oh may

  2. It seems as if they will only allow the children that were "secretly" born through incest to perform in Hollywood.

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