Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manly Madonna Reveals Sex Change Attempts

Madonna had to catch herself, she caught the "truth" before it slipped off her tongue. I remember the Sun reporting that "Guy Richie" was walking London calling Madonna a "It", sometime after the seperation. I wonder if he will come out with a tell-all. I am sure the "MADE: MATERIAL" girl slapped him with a gag-order:

Muscle-bound Madonna has revealed she is trying to become more feminine, because she fears she has too many male attributes.

The singer, whose new album Hard Candy is set for release at the end of the month, admitted she has never been worried about her masculine side before, but is trying to curb it in favour of more ladylike behaviour.

She says, "I think I've been honing and finessing my feminine side.

"I've always been very comfortable with my masculine side - the confidence, the ballsiness. I've learnt to be more pliant, more vulnerable - and to be comfortable with that."

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  1. Damn MaDonna looks very cartoonish in this picture. Supposely, Ma Donna was use in some sort of Snuff film. Does anyone recall the movie 8 MM with Nicholas Cage. Well, this is when an actual murder is recorded on film as if it was a movie.

    Rumour has it that The Material Girl witnessed and starred in such a film. I believe this was part of her initiation into the order. Remember the late actress Jayne Mansfeild, well she too was a notorius Devil worshipper. She use to date (or frequent his church) Anton Levey, who is the founder of The Church of Satan, in which governer (at the time) Reagan gave their charter.

    The devil also has 3 harlots. A red headed female, A burnette, and last but not least a Blonde. Does this sound familiar to anyone. Thats right, Destinys Child. This is why it was sooooo important to the groups management team to have them consist of females with these characteristics. They were being mad slaves to the industry very early on in the game.

  2. Mod what's up with the comment section. Everytime I post something I don't see it until later. I know the powers that be is monitoring people shit.

  3. I'm convinced! Even her "daughter" Lourdes Leon has a uni-brow, heavy mustache, and even breast implants at a VERY young age. Hollywood is full of these hybrids.