Friday, April 3, 2009


In an emotional six page narrative, Oprah’s magazine “comes out” in favor of lesbianism. Barack Obama. Eckhart Tolle. Dr. Phil. With the Midas touch, Oprah Winfrey turned these men to gold. Her recommendations have rocketed a variety of books – from centuries-old literary classics to New Age drivel – onto the bestseller lists. Now, in the latest issue of “O” magazine, she’s trying her hand at mainstreaming lesbianism.

The issue of homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle is still a subject fraught with controversy and strong opinions on both sides. But with help from a lengthy, one-sided narrative about the wonderful world of lesbian love, the unparalleled power of Oprah Winfrey will surely bring the debate to a satisfactory conclusion.


Have you notice...there are no national the month of MARCH. This month was choosen to celebrate "incest" by thoseo secretly support the birth of intersexuals! If you are paying close attention, the intersexual foot soldiers stepped out in Hollywood...

They stepped out with their transformed mate...
They stepped out wearing see through garments...
They gay boys stepped out with their hermaphrodite girlfriends...
Even the ..prince of England was caught wearing pink nail polish and pink underwear...
They wore their androgynous garments...(and some were placed on the worst dress list...for a reason)

Are you paying attention..?

Browse through all celebrities pictures taken in the month of MARCH.

Pay attention...


  1. Gail really does have male features. Oprah's features look alot smoother in this picture. My children's grand aunt have always said that Gail and Oprah were lovers. She said this back in the early 90's.

    I remember when Oprah did her first Barbara Walter special and she stated that she was molested by various family members. I did not believe her at the time because Oprah has a way of bending the truth. When ever a guess is on her show, she makes sure that she is the only one shinning. If the guess stakes a claim in a certain tragedy that took place in their lives, Oprah tries to match it.

    If you watch her show (if you can stand to), you'll begain to notice that she is an arrogant azz bytch. She treats her black guess very disrespectfully. She is the Queen of the Black Boule Brotherhood. Trust me, Oprah don't give 2 fukks about the Nubian Nation. Ole greasy bitch.

  2. I knew something was up with Gail. Gail was children (two who are adults now). I am starting to think that these two children were birthed through incest. Oprah supports incest! She was raped and Gail was raped by family members. Now i understand why so many girls are being raped at Oprah's "all girl" school in African. Oprah is very sneaky.

    She almost married a white man and the man she is currently married to is in involved "seriously" with someone else. Stedman is damn near white! He's like the coach of the lakers. His tan is giving him some color but he's not a "brother" and he's not "BLACK".

    How many times did Stedman try to release a tell-all book?

    Hollywood is filled with some arranged situations!

    Oprah f*cked her way to the top! That's she can relate to Beyonce. They both were raped by their family members and had children.