Saturday, April 25, 2009

'Pregnant man' Thomas Beatie and wife Nancy second child

The world's first male mother is pregnant again, hoping to enlarge the family he started after giving birth in June to a daughter.

Thomas Beatie, a former Hawaiian beauty queen, caused a worldwide clamour last spring after announcing his first pregnancy.

Beatie was born female but underwent sex change surgery in order to wed his partner Nancy legally. As part of the reassignment procedure, the former Tracy LaGondino took male hormones, inducing a beard and an outwardly masculine appearance. He kept his womb and ovaries intact in the hopes of one day having a child. Wife Nancy is infertile.

When Beatie announced he was expecting the child (of an anonymous sperm donor), a backlash ensued. Critics claimed that as a natural-born woman Beatie was not in fact a man but was merely masquerading as one. But the state of Oregon legally recognises him as one, and his marriage to Nancy is official and the couple enjoys all the rights and privileges of typical married pairs.

He gave birth naturally in June at an Oregon hospital, following a 40-hour labour.

"The only thing different about me is that I can't breastfeed my baby," Beatie said after the birth. "But a lot of mothers don't."

In an upcoming interview with ABC News, Beatie says that after the birth he did not resume male hormone treatment so as to facilitate a second pregnancy.

"I feel good," he told ABC News, adding that the hormone levels are healthy. "And everything is right on track." He says the baby is due June 12.

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  1. This man made man is not a women period! She was born a female and will die a female. I don't give a damn how much male hormones she has been taken. It goes to show that if the creator wanted her to be a male, he would have given her those hormones naturally. I am sick and fukken tired of this white dominated society trying to play the Omnpotent. These are what you call DEVILS. Plain and simple. There is a spiritual price to pay for screwing with nature. Like I said before, when the soul,(spirit for yt ppl because they don't have a soul) descents down into the physical form, it takes on a body that is condusive to the energy that is relevant to the soul. Alot of times this gets screwed up thats why alot of gay ppl claim that they have the wrong body. This is true. However for some reason you recieved that wrong physical makeup. These white doctors had better stop messing with the natural process of things.

  2. I meant to say that this man made man is not really a man.

  3. This person was born as a intersexual. I can't believe Oprah's dumb ass didn't state the facts.

    She's so afraid that all of the intersexuals within Hollywood will D-list her, they are responsible for lifting her social status, so now it's time for her to "sponsor" other born through incest.

  4. The fact is that this woman still has a womb, so she hasn't undergone a complete sex change.
    She's even stopped taking the hormones so all she's done is remove her breasts. I don't care how people live their lives but I don't think reporters should publish lies. They should add the words, "Woman legally recognised as a man..." before any article is published because that's all she is.