Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Subliminal Message to Hollywood: Deception

Plot Summary

Accountant Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) is an auditor with little to no social life. One night while working late in a boardroom he is interrupted by a lawyer, Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman), who befriends him and offers him marijuana. After a long conversation, Jonathan takes the subway home where he has a brief encounter with a blond woman (Michelle Williams) while waiting on the train. Upon returning home he notices a pipe in his bedroom is leaking and leaving a stain.

Jonathan contacts Wyatt the next day and they play tennis after work. Afterward they stop by Wyatt's lavish apartment where Jonathan borrows an expensive suit. They meet again for lunch the next day and upon leaving Wyatt intentionally takes Jonathan's mobile phone instead of his own, forcing a trade. He mentions he will be in London on business for the next few weeks.

When Jonathan realizes the phones have been switched he attempts to contact Wyatt but does not reach him. He is soon contacted by a woman (Natasha Henstridge) who asks if he is free that night. He informs her that he is and agrees to meet her. When she arrives they proceed directly to a hotel room to have sex and Jonathan realizes that Wyatt must be on some type of exclusive list. Following this encounter, Jonathan walk down a busy street and takes a look of a woman (Natasha Henstridge) as she appears on the front cover of magazine.

When Wyatt calls the next day he encourages Jonathan to continue his participation with other list members. Upon doing so he has an encounter with an older woman (Charlotte Rampling) who explains more of the list's rules: the initiator pays for the room, no names are exchanged, there is no conversation and no rough play. Jonathan continues to participate over the next few weeks with several anonymous partners.

One night after initiating another encounter, Jonathan is surprised to find that his partner is the blond woman he met while waiting for the train. When she begins to undress he stops her and tells her that they had met once before. He requests that she have dinner with him and they order room service and talk for hours. The next day Jonathan rejects other callers from the list but when the blond woman calls again they agree to meet for dinner in Chinatown. They then proceed to a hotel where she requests some ice. When Jonathan returns to the room she is gone and there is blood on the bedsheets. Someone knocks him out from behind and when he wakes up the bed has been made. He contacts the police and explains to the Detective (Lisa Gay Hamilton) that the woman is missing but that he has little to no information about her. She doubts his story and his sanity.

Upon returning home Jonathan is surprised to find Wyatt waiting for him and demanding that he steal millions from the corporation he will begin to audit in a few days. Jonathan does so but only because he fears for the safety of the blond woman. He completes a wire transfer to a bank in Europe in his name but secretly adds Wyatt's name a cosigner. When he returns home he notices that a picture Wyatt had sent of the blond woman being held captive was taken in his apartment before the pipe started leaking. He realizes that she must have been a conspirator and wisely avoids his apartment which explodes when the superintendent enters to fix the pipe. When Wyatt impersonates Jonathan and attempts to withdraw the funds from the bank he is denied access because of the cosigner. Jonathan agrees to help him withdraw the funds but only if Wyatt splits it with him. After the transaction is complete, Wyatt attempts to shoot Jonathan but before he is able to do so he is shot by the blond woman who quickly leaves. Jonathan leaves the money behind to pursue her and asks her to talk to him but the girl tells she wants to call it off and apologizes to him as she didn't know Bose was going to kill him. The girl gets into a cab and leaves as Jonathan watches her go. Jonathan again crosses path with the blond woman in the next scene they exchange smile as movie comes to a close.

Are you seeking the reasons behind the criticism of Kelly Clarkson's music? Are you wonder why this "talented" artist is fighting with her music label? Well, she sent Hollywood a subliminal message....she do not hook-up!


  1. Okay so what does this have to do with anything? This whole thing is corny as hell. Like I aked before when you post something, can you please let the reader know where your going with the story. Because if you don't it appears to be nothing but alot of gibberish.

    Furthermore so what theres alot of gay ass men in Thailand! Does this HAVE to mean that they are intersexed. NOT EVERYBODY THAT IS GAY IN INTERSEXED. Many of these ppl are perfectly normal males and females. They just prefer being with the same sex. All I am interested in are the true hermaphrodites. People that was actually born with this condition. Also let me ask you this, are hemaphrodites ONLY born through incest. I mean can a person give birth to a child that is intersexed without having sex with a family member. PLEASE ANSWER THIS.

  2. @ 8:08 am

    You're such an idiot! If a professor gave you an article and asked you to read and provide a point of view, how would you respond?

    Will you tell the professor that the article is "gibberish" without reading it?

    The information that's posted on this site isn't one sided. They were posted with a logically sense and or mindset!

    In order to under the direction this site is headed, you must "read" the articles.

    Being born as a hermaphrodite is hereditary. If a uncle and aunt decide to have a child, that child will be born as a hermphrodite. The child then carries the hereditary trait. When this child grow up as an adult and decide to have a child - the first or second child will be born as a true hermaphrodite.

    This condition is similar to any other hereditay trait, that carry from parent to child -- Gene wise.

    They are too many hermaphrodites living in Thailand. If you read the article, they are called a "Kathoey". Many Kathoeys have migrated to the states and the UK.

    They are "Kathoeys" who came from Thailand but they are living and appearing as 100% women -- well at least that's how they are introduced to the public through the media.

    There celebrities are visiting refugee villages where the hermaphrodite live. Many have opted to adopt a hermaphrodite child. This adoption process is merely a way to raise their own sex slave child.

    Look what happened to Wood Allen, when he married the adopted Soon-Yi Previn (his stepchild). I know there's more to that story!

    I wonder who else was having sex with Soon-Yi Previn within Hollywood!

  3. @ 8:08




  4. If you were following this blog from the beginning, the mod "writing style and such" were stolen and posted on other blogs and the MOD didn't receive "credit". That explains why this person doesn't write as often as they would like too.

  5. Okay Bitch let me tell you one MotherfuckING thing, their is nothing idoitic about me. I possess two damn degrees. The fuckING story don't say shit. I visit this site quite frequently and also add intellectual dialogue. If you are asked a question, this mean that I read the Motherfucking story. IT MADE NO SENSE POINT, FUCKING BLANK, PERIOD!!! Your ass is probably a damn intersexual. I asked my question because I started reading up on this subject and I wanted you to expound some more. Go to Hell and I will never come back to this bitch again...Fuck you!!

  6. @ anon 11:06 You up here posting shit about all these so called celebrities being hermaphrodites and your not providing any valid proof. How in the fuck do you know this shit. Did you examine these people for yourself? Are you one of there family members? I and anyone else have the right to question you. Any intelligent person question things that are questionable. Now I was really rolling with you on the majority of the things that you have been saying, but as soon as your questioned, you have the audacity to call someone an idiot. Bitch you don't know me!! Like I said no one gives a fuck about those faggot ass butt boys in Thailand. We don't plan on adopting from that motherfucker. All the devil worship that is going on in hollywood explains alot of the incest. You (if it was you) was on those other 2 sites talking about "bitter intersexuals", you appear bitter.

    What you need to do, if you call yourself up on things, is to find out why this from of paganism is being practiced. There is always a method to the maddness.

  7. There's no need to become hostile. It seems as if your level of frustation has reached it's boiling point.

    When this mod was posting on the HOB site. I hung on to every word. This mod can't post medical documentation because it violates the HIPPA laws.

    There are too many celebrities who are coming out and revealing their true identities.

    ISIS from American Idol, no one knew that she was born as a man or hermaphrodite. Until Isis revealed the truth. She wanted to get a sex change, that was really a request to have the less dominate sex organ removed. Isis held on to picture of her as a boy. She didn't want the public to see them.

    Isis was born as a TRUE HERMAPHRODITE!

    She will never admit that she was birth through an incestuous relationship as it will reveal too much.

    This is not about "Thai" gay boys! This is about the "eunuch" also known as "Kathoey".

    There was a article annoucning that the last "eunuch" was leaning towards his final days.

    The MOD has revealed that the "eunuch" is still around. They are living life understand a seperate term. They are now identified as a "Katheoy or Ladyboy".

    If you are paying attention. Just pay attention!

  8. You're so wrong! There are a lot of people who gives a "f*ck" about these "Thai Gay Boys".

    Angelina Jolie use to date one: Jenny

    SONY records just signed a group of ladyboys to their music label: Venusflytrap

    The UK has Circus Surreal that's filled with ladyboys (who appear as women).

    The mod is clearly bringing this to our attention.

    Just relax and pay attention.


    Also, there are undercover perverts who "vacation" in Pattaya.

    I know of one and his name is WILL SMITH!