Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Which one of these answers are correct?

1). Dr. Dre and the Dyke are related
2). La-La and the Dyke are related
3). Both Dyke's were born as a Hermaphro - "dites"
5). Dr. Dre and La-La stepped out with their family members who were born as Hermaphrodites

She may be or may not be African American. She hit the lotto when she snagged a baller and later gave birth to a child. She's set for the next 18 years. Perfect smoke screen. What few people know, she's on the downlow and likes the ladies. She gets off on turning straight women out and she's very aggressive when she sees a woman she likes. She had a downlow fling with a notorious video girl who's rumored to be "not to clean." They were hitting the sheets on the regular, they eventually broke up but remain close friends. Allegedly, her desires are really with women and men are considered a business who she uses for money and financial security?


  1. La La look just like a man anyway. I don't find this surprising at all. these so called Latin people kill me. They quit to bring up that "oh I'm Spanish", but they don't realize that they see us all the same.

    Hell yeah she using Melo for his damn money. To be honest, I don't think he really want her ass either. She trapped him. This is definately and aranged situation.

    That looks like Dr. Dre's daughter. With his fake ass.

  2. I am understand why she was nicknamed "La La". It's short for "LaTina".

    I have notice that the industry is always looking for a latina (Lil Wayne was looking for one) to appear in videos because it's a known fact that they will get down and dirty and they don't care if you are a man, woman or a hermaphrodite!

    You see, it is a custom for a latino boy to be raped by their family members and the father are the first to have sex with their daughters.

    In the other post, there's a story about chris stokes and Marques Houston. They have latina's within their family. They were raised into believing that having sex with your family members is ok.

    They always start the children off by having sex with their cousins.

    As they grow older, eventually they will adapt to having sex with their sister, brother, uncle etc. Because to them sex is sex and it doesn't matter who you have sex with because sex it sex!

  3. La-La the latina

    She tricked carmela by fullfilling his widest dream and that's to have a threesome. This turned into more wild fantasies and somebody became pregnant. Then her lifestyle was factored into the equation. I am starting to believe that Carmelo is "gay".

    If she has a "chick" or two on the side then you know he has a "dude" or two on the side.

  4. La La is very unattractive to me, with those big ass "thyroid problem" eyes. She looks just like a damn insect!!

    She is not easy on the eyes at all. Neither is Kolbe's wife. I have a News Flash for all you self professed latino's, WHEN YOU HIT 30 IT'S ALL DOWN HILL. Hispanic women age just like those German and Russian women. They start to look just like men. These black men are a trip, always pumping these hag ass bitches up and disrespecting the Black woman that birthed them!

    And you can NOT trust Latina women. They are some grimmey bitches. They will set yo ass up in a minute.