Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gene Pool: Keyshia Cole

Cole grew up in Oakland, California where she lived a life of crime and was a foster child adopted by Yvonne Cole at the age of 5. She has said that her brother, Sean Cole, and Tupac Shakur were close friends and that he was like an older brother to her. Sean raps under the alias "Nutt-so", and recorded several songs with Shakur before his death. Keyshia's first recordings were with MC Hammer at the age of twelve. In the early 2000s, she appeared on tracks by San Francisco Bay Area artists including Tony! Toni! Toné!'s D'Wayne Wiggins and San Francisco rapper Messy Marv.

Cole was inspired by her grandmother to further pursue her career, so she left the Bay Area only at age 16, with a rented car and a thousand dollars and moved to Los Angeles, California.


She moved to Tracy when she was 17 and attended Tracy High School, which isn't mentioned in the reality series.

"My brother, uncle and other relatives and friends still live in Tracy," Cole says. "But I did spend most of my life in Oakland."

And it is the Oakland years that offer the most spice, charting her rise from poverty and crime to a Cinderella story of fame and fortune.

When she was just 13, Cole started hanging out with rapper heavyweights Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and MC Hammer.

"My brother (aspiring rapper) Sean (Cole) met Hammer and Hammer introduced him to Tupac, and I was the little sister hanging around. That was at the height of Tupac's career and also the height of Snoop's career, and just to be around them kind of gave me inspiration because I saw what could be," Cole says.

But after spending time with the rappers, she took a hard dive into reality.

"When I got back home, I went back to the gutter," Cole says. "I went back to nothing, like, I couldn't afford a sandwich the next day. It set in on me, and I decided to just make something (happen)."

Cole was only 2 when Yvonne Cole, who later adopted her, took her in. Her adoptive mother, a preacher at Oakland's Laodicea Baptist Church off MacArthur Boulevard, set her on a religious path.
Yvonne: First, I am very proud of her. I knew she had it in her from a little kid. When I first found out she could sing, she was about 5 years old. We went to a school function and they were having like a talent show. Somehow or another, she slipped away from my hand. Then everybody started to applaud. Come to find out she was on the stage. She had won, I think, the $25 first prize. She didn’t know it was even a talent show going on. She just snuck up there and wanted to sing. But she always loved singing. I brought her up in church. She couldn’t sing in a choir for a while, but later on she got in the choir.

Maybe it's me or maybe it's not me but - Keyshia Cole's adoptive mother Yvonne oddly resembles Natalie Cole or rather, "Carol" Cole when she was younger. I can't quite place a finger on this situation but Ms. Yvonne and Keyshia gave odd responses during their interviews, especially when it relates to Keyshia Cole's upbringings. If this is true, the reason why Keyshia sealed the "gap" that was between her two front teeth is clearly understandable.

In addition, are you familair with "Marguerite Wendell"? Ms. Wendell was one of many who dated and married "Willie Mays". I am starting to believe that she falls under the "cole" or "Hawkins" family tree. Here's proof:

Nat King Cole's First Wife: Nadine Robinson (Cole)

Bill and Marguerite Kenny (Wendell)
Ebony Magazine 1965: The Life and Death of Nat King Cole



  1. Keisha Cole's story is another one that I find to be very mysterious. If her adoptive mother supposely had did such a good job raising her and made such a good home for her, why in the hell did Keisha feel the need to run away. Keisha stated in the first episode that she ran away from home at the age of 16. People don't normally run away from happy homes. Furthermore, judging from the appearance of Yvonne's biological daughter (the one that was on Keisha's reality show), there was drug use going on in her house. Because that sister looks just like a damn crackhead!! She probably was hanging with Frankie when she was out there on the street. This could be how Yvonne knew about Keisha. Frankie did state on that she knew Yvonne from church though.

    Keisha DOES NOT LOOK anything like Frankie and all of Frankie's children favor her. I read in one of the post that they switched Keisha at birth. But can that be proven. A person would have to have been there or in on it. So I'm not really buying that.

    I will say this, Keisha's adoptive mom looks like she can be related to Natalie Coles. The resemblance is very uncanning. Also I kept staring at Maria Coles and she looks like a light skinned female Nat King Cole. She looks like she could have been related to him. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

    There is alot of loose ends in Keisha's story as well. Let's hope that they don't turn her into a Hollywood, devil worshipping, orgie sex having, white boy dating freak. Although I see it already happening. Keisha is really not that big of a celebrity. Shes known in the state and a few islands, but the real money and status comes with international stardom. (STAR=5 POINTED SYMBOL OF THE BAPHOMET.....DOM=DOOM).

    Whats happening is keisha is trying too hard to be famous. She is changing her whole image to appease to the white demographics. Word to the wise Ms. Coles, don't mess around and loose your fan base trying to be accepted by the devil's children because there is no recovering from that. Ask Ben Vereen. And she need to leave that freaking hermaphrodite Paris Hilton along with her racist ass. I don't understand why people, black people, keep fukking with that chick.

  2. Keisha Coles looks just like Jada Pinkett now that she got her nose done and her teeth fixed.

  3. Eddie Murphy's ex wife Nicole looks like she could be related to Jada's mother (and of course Jada).

  4. Why is Keyshia lying?

    She said that she received a check (out the blue) from some government agency.

    If a government agency sent me a check for over $10,000 i would remember this as if it was yesterday. If it said, "Department of State" or "Department of the Treasury".

    They made it known that Keyshia did work for McHammer, ToniTonyTone, Snoop and Tupac. So she was on deathrow payroll and that lump sum that she received was clearly a "royalty" check (for the work she put in).

    When Keyshia talks about her struggles, she's talking about what she went through to get into the industry and her "family" was already "famous".

    It can't be proven that she was switch at birth because she wasn't!

    One article states that she was adopted at 5 and another one says that she was adopted at the age of 2.

    My point is, if you fall under Nat King Cole's family tree why are you hiding this?

    The only reason why you are hiding away from this is because everyone within Hollywood already knew that Nat King Cole married his cousin or some one within his family!

  5. She grew up in the sub burbs but hung out in the projects because that's the only way that she would be accepted???

    I guess she was trying to stay away from that "Stigma" as well. Whatever that means!

    This is another family that is filled with lies!

  6. "My brother, uncle and other relatives and friends still live in Tracy," Cole says. "But I did spend most of my life in Oakland."

    She made this statement like she was trying to prove a point.

    How come her uncle and other relatives didn't step in to raise her?

    There are too many loop holes in this story.

  7. I wonder if Rosa Parks is related to them.

    Ms. Wendell could be the biological daughter of Rosa Parks.

    And Jada Pinkett's mother look extremely manly!




    The middle picture from the "Jet" Magazine article says,"maria cole..charrolotte Peale..and Cole Children "Natalie and Carol". So who died? I thought "carol "cookie" cole passed away recently.

    The picture of "natalie and Carol" might be a picture of Yvonne and Natalie Cole.

  9. This is what I was told. keyshia cole has ties with Betty Hutton..but thats all i was told..wouldnt tell me the complete story.

  10. A lot of nigs look alike, don't over analyze it.

  11. "Hermaphroditism is a sex development disorder in which a person birthed through an incestuous relationship is cursed with both male and female gene tails" I hope this is a joke because this piece of misinformation sounds completely ignorant. Anyone can be born as a hermaphrodite, it has nothing to do with incestous relationships.

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