Thursday, May 28, 2009

Government Considers Transsexuality

Cindy Thai Tai, a transsexual singer, make-up specialist.

The Ministry of Health will allow local qualified clinics to perform transsexual surgeries, according to the draft decree on redefining sexuality that has been submitted to the government for consideration.

According to this draft decree, trans-sexuality is based on the principle that each person can live according to his/her true sexuality. Operating doctors must be voluntary, unprejudiced, bear their responsibility to the law and maintain confidentiality.

Before performing transsexual operations, clinics must test to ensure that the interested person truly features the psychology and sexuality of their desired gender or their sexual organs must be in a state of deformity that justifies operating.

The draft decree bans transsexual operations for homosexuals.

7,000 people currently want transsexual operations and only the Central Pediatrics Hospital is equipped for this complicated procedure. The average cost of a transsexual operation in Vietnam is around VND20 million (US$1,250), much lower than other countries.

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  1. It's something how there are thousands of Hermaphrodites all around us and the government has managed, once again, to trick the sheeple into believing that they don't exist anymore. Or that the scale on which they do exist is so small, so it isn't worth mentioning.

  2. Point is, this results from "incest".

    Name one medical profession that focus on "child abuse" or rather incest?

    When a child is harmed, they always talkd about "child abuse" and rarely discuss "incest".

    It's about time that the world knows that the children born through incest are "hermaphrodites" or of the "intersex".

    The subject is taboo and never discussed. Instead these people are eased into society as either "gay" or "lebsian".

    They will say that they were born "that way" but they never talk about their parents.

    Because they were related.

    This entire gay/lesbian movement will make a lot of sense if it's brought to the public's attention properly!

    Instead, it remains as an "element of suprise" when a person's gender is at question and if a person decides to come out of the "closet".

    If at the beginning it is explained that this person who born through "incest".. then the whole state of gender confusion will be sort through properly.

    Now there are too many politicans. talk show host and music artists e.t.c who were born "that way" and they will sit on the "truth" until they die.

    And when they die, they reason all their dirt via a biography.

    The "biography" reveals all the ways that they decieved the public.

    Now they are marching for equals rights. They want to marry their cousins that were also "born that way".

    It's sick but it's real.

  3. Anonymous said...
    Point is, this results from "incest".

    OMG you read middelsex! and now you'r a intersex expert!

    LIMAO :) :) :)

  4. I think you.....the one who blames everything incest...Is a victim of incest yourself and you need a psychiatric couch...Or you are a latent homosexual, transsexual, closet hermaphrodite who has never come to terms with it.

    Whatever the case YOU STILL NEED TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST !!!!!

  5. ^^^^^ let me enlightened you, you doubting Tomas, I've been following this blog since its inception and the moderator is on point. Instead of denying it's validity, you should research what is being said. I have and it is astonishing. Do your own research. It will all ring true. ONLY A FOOL DUCKS WHEN INFORMATION IS THROWN AT THEM. WAKE UP!!!