Sunday, May 24, 2009


South Korean transsexual entertainer Harisu (R) and rapper Micky Chung celebrate during their marriage ceremony at a wedding hall in Seoul May 19, 2007. Harisu, the 32-year-old male-to-female singer whose sex change helped the country to change its family registry laws, married her 27-year-old boyfriend on Saturday at a ceremony attended by many of the country's top celebrities.

Harisu, 32, married 27-year-old rap singer Micky Chung in an upmarket hotel in Seoul. She has been dating the singer since 2005 after they met online.

The marriage ceremony was carried out by Kim Suk-Kwon, a surgeon who performed Harisu's male-to-female sex reassignment surgery in late 1990s.

"I'll become a housewife who is cooking well, sexy and caring,'' a beaming Harisu saidbefore the wedding ceremony.

"We originally planned to adopt 10 children but decided to settle for only four kids because of the objections from our parents,'' she said.

Accompanied by both sets of parents, they will leave for the Thai resort island of Koh Samui tomorrow on their honeymoon.

Harisu is the stage name of the transgender entertainer who was born Lee Kyung-Yup.

She made her name by featuring in an advertisement for a cosmetics company in 2001.

She has since branched out into music and acting, producing five albums and starring in a film, Yellow Hair II.

In December 2002, the Incheon District Court recognised her as legally female and she changed her official name to Lee Kyung-Eun.

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  1. What about the asian news anchor women Connie Chung, the one that is married to Maury Povich. She could never have any children and Maury appears to have an infactuation with transgendered people. He always have topics on his show where the audience has to guess wheither the model is male or female.

    I always felt that there was more to Connie's story. The way that they describe her as if she is so strong willed just like a man. Something is up!

  2. They always made fun of Connie Chung!

    Even people high up made fun of her. I guess they couldn't call Maury out for dealing with a Lady Boy!

  3. So other insiders know that she is a Kathoey? Damn Maury!