Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Leonard Lo

Born Leonard Lo, Miss Lo claimed that her parents have accepted her for who she is.

'It hasn't been easy for them. Not only was I the only child, but I was also the only grandson of the family,' she said, laughing.

'The family line has ended with me.'

An implant near her hip releases hormones into her body. She hasn't had breast implants and intends to keep her Adam's apple.

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  1. I saw a clip of beyonce when she was on the "Carmen" set. This clip was posted on the Hate On Beyonce Blog. During this clip, Beyonce was showing the people in the room something below her waist. She when reached the side of her hip she said, " oh i can't show you that". She was almost caught showing the implant that was placed near her hip that releases hormones into her body.

    I truly believe that "Solange's" recently pass out episode was clearly associated with being born as a hermaphrodite and Daniel is growing to look just like a boyish girl. He stand just like a girl and they can easily associate this with Daniel always being around females. It's an "in action" excuse.




    Mathew Knowles had all of the Destiny Child Diary videos removed!