Sunday, May 24, 2009


About my story:

I began hormones in my teens but had an aborted transition due to parental interference and only was able to begin again once I got my first record deal, remixing Blondie and later my albums.

My web site is down for renovation right now but I am still recording, and am working on my Pop debut. Perhaps it is because my transition wasn't without a setback (an attempt was made on my life in Kent Ohio in 2000), or because I've yet to make any noise in the music world since then, but I feel that I've faced down adversity and succeeded.

I've had several boyfriends both before and after SRS and I nearly got married to a man in England. Additionally Mike Joyce of a legendary band "The Smiths" has offered to produce my pop album, and there is a buzz about my return in the recording industry. Many believe my time has come and I was one of the most recent TS women to do anything in the larger music industry in America.

In the meantime, here are some weblinks to pages about me and my music:

my page
my old index page
my old bio page

By the way, as a kid going through this there were almost no African-American TS examples. In my local support group I was the only one. I noticed you have one or two on your site and I applaud you for that.


  1. Damn this chick or should I say chuck had some big hips. They are in perfect contour with her thighs. Sometimes thats how you can tell wheither someone's ass is fake because the thighs, hips and ass are not in sequence. I though homegirl was hispanic.

    What I would like to know is who tried to kill her. And what went down with her parents that cause her to abort her treatments.

  2. It's possible that she linked up with a high profile celebrity and started to share their "business" and he tried to knock her off.

    There's a pattern here!

  3. As for black TS role models look Donna Summer and Grace Jones both had very successful careers!!!

  4. ^^^ so are you saying Donna Summers was born "that way "?

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