Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katherine Dalton or Adrian Dalton

In December 2005 Adrian embarked on the first part of his journey to becoming a man.

He had an operation to remove his 32C breasts and began self-injecting testosterone weekly — a process which will continue for the rest of his life.

He says: “The first thing I noticed was my voice breaking — it slowly became huskier. Then my face started to subtly change. It got wider and all the fat drained out of it.

I got more body hair and eventually facial hair, which I love. Shaving my face is far less hassle than shaving my legs every day.”

In 2007 surgeons performed a hysterectomy on Adrian.

But the biggest stage of his transformation was yet to come and six weeks ago he went from his west London home to Ghent, in Belgium, for the eight-hour phalloplasty — removal of skin from his arm and thigh to build a set of male genitals.

He says: “It’s brilliant. I hated that part of my body before and was embarrassed by it but now I feel complete.

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