Friday, May 22, 2009

Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster grew up in Durban, South Africa and transitioned in her teens culminating with SRS at the age of 18. When asked she said at 5 years old wanted to be an actress, then at 10 a dancer. By the time she was 21-years old she was in Paris modeling for fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. While most TS women would have been content to assimilate into society, Lauren strutted into adulthood in the spotlight and never looked back. She enjoyed an 11-year international modeling career on the runway and in print; dated royalty and ran with the rich and famous. She was the "it" girl, known as the notorious blond on the international party circuit.

Lauren with Grace Jones
Lauren with Angela Bassett
Laren with Natalie Cole


  1. I always wondered why Natalie Cole always wore those chokers during the earlier years. If i find out that she was born as a he, i am going to pass out, but i know that it's possible.

  2. I didn't realize that she wore chokers alot. But that is something to think about. Natiaie use to hang in my hometown with some pretty unsavory people. She use to frequent these projects named Beardsley terrace where she would buy heroin and shoot up with a few well known junkies and pimps.

  3. I lost mad respect for Angela Bassett when she choose to have a seroget mother birth her twins. Now I don't know her reason behind it, however if is was to perserve her figure, how fucking selfish and vain of her ass.

    Maybe she was unable to concieve or carry a child, we will never know. However how can you really consider these to be your seed unless your eggs was used.

  4. Is Lauren supposed to be posing with other hermaphrodites?

  5. Lauren, was born as a hermaphrodite. She had sexual gender reassignment (SRS) at the age of 18.

    Angela Bassett - something aint right with her or him. She can't have children so she paid for someone to carry her child and who donated their sperm?

  6. Lauren was born a hermaprohdite? That's a laugh considering there's no such thing as being born with a penis and a vagina. People can be born intersexed, which she wasn't by the way. And something is fishy about Angela Bassett not carrying her own babies? Says you. Maybe you wouldn't feel like they were yours if they weren't your eggs but fortunately everyone isn't that narrow minded or ignorant.

    And a lot of women wear chokers. Why are people, especially our own people so damn stupid. Number one, everyone is born with an Adams apple, it's just generally more pronounced in males, but not always. And it's possible to have it shaved down if one wants one gone. And considering Natalie Cole was photographed as a little girl with her mother and her father, you sound like a fool reaching for dust. Or either smoking it!

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