Friday, May 8, 2009

Mexico City: Fixing Men

"My friend Cubano (whose real name is Fidel? Taught me about what he saw as general and significant Juchiteco and Istmeno customs. According to him, for example, “80 percent” of the young men in the Isthmus have their first sexual relations with a “muxe”. The “Muxe’ pay teenagers to screw them (“They give you food, or clothing or money-te atienden muy bien, pues” [They take real good care of you]. When I asked if sometimes the “muxe” penetrate the youths, he answered that sometimes they will rape youth”. At least with the devious ones, well, if they’re devious they grab you by force and the rape you. Because the muxe are grown up, and it’s fun for him, and sometimes he does it by force.” Fidel’s scorn for the “muxe” was both anxious and perplexing; he usually voiced generous opinions about people who were unlike himself…."

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