Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Queen of Nations Beauty Pageant

The Queen of Nations Beauty Pageant is a glamorous spectacle of transgender femininity and a platform for transgender women to express themselves as talented, intelligent, creative individuals.

In this beauty pageant all the contestants are born male. Its purpose is to provide a platform for transgender women to express themselves as talented, intelligent, and creative individuals, instead of the negative view they sometimes attract as sex objects.

According to the pageant requirements, all the contestants must also be current winners, runner-ups and award winners of a gay and transgender pageant from anywhere around the world. So all the contestants are well practiced at presenting pageant winning beauty, glamour and a certain je nes se qua? Each representing her chosen country, the contestants will cat fight for the title QUEEN OF NATIONS.

The event promises to be a stunning spectacle and a glamorous celebration. All the contestants will parade in introduction wear, national costumes, swim wear, and evening gown. The winners will be picked by distinguished celebrity judges.


This pageant is not just about the one day glitz and glamour of the show. The winner will be a role model and will perform many charitable goals to help the transgender and gay community all around the world. The real job begins after the show. We want a queen that can actually perform her duties. She will do a lot of charitable work. We are leading a campaign of acceptance, tolerance and admiration as beautiful, talented and creative women of this new era. We will be holding charity fund raising events for under privileged T-girls in countries where they face discrimination, hostility and prejudice every single day. We also hope to start a new development program in conjunction with other charity organizations that helps T-girls quit prostitution and escorting and gain decent employment.

Former beauty queens: (from left) R. Pamela (Miss Queen of the World in Germany 2003), Collen Liew (Miss Tourism World in Sri Lanka 2002), Cristy Pang (Miss International in Japan 2002), Sandra Tang (Miss Asia Pacific in Phillipine 2002) and Jasmine Lee (Miss University World in South Korea 2001).

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  1. They need to double their doses of Permarin, because they are looking tore up from the flo up!! They don't hardly look like damn women.

  2. @ 3:23 AM

    Give them 10 to 15 years of taking "premarin" and watch how they re-appear.

    This pageant has taken place over 10 years (with different spinoffs), i am sure that there's an archive someplace and that most of these pageant participants are hiding out in Hollywood.

    Candia Cayne looked like a male early on - now look at her or him!

  3. I wonder if Eddie Murphy was once a celebrity judge. LOL