Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ricky Martin

Gay sex orgies, child abuse, drugs and booze are the shocking charges that exploded out of an investigation of the pop group Menudo, above.

As many as 15 young boys, all members of Menudo over the past 13 years, had been allegedly sexually abused by the men entrusted in their care, charges Bolivar Arellano, the group's former PR director

In fact, Ricky was careful enough over the years and he never expressly confirmed or infirmed his sexual orientation. The fact that he was never publicly seen in the company of any potential girlfriend didn't help, either. But back to the whole "out of the closet" routine. Who did the outing? Well, if I tell you his name, I'm pretty sure it won't mean as much as if I tell you that "skin-care guru" Ole Henriksen, who counts Ricky as a client, was interviewed by a Swedish magazine and was asked at some point who would he choose to spend a romantic vacation other than his partner. "I'd go for Stig T�fting (former Danish soccer player) but since he's straight, I'd say my client Ricky Martin" came the reply. You do the maths.


  1. I knew Ricky Martin was "gay". He had a child recently and if i was working with the child protective services i would investigate him for child molestation!

    1. That's ridiculous. Just because one is gay doesn't mean they're into children.
      Those that are into kids are usually repressed crazy people who aren't out and pretend to be normal.

  2. Jose Menendez, father of the famous Menendez broth
    ers who shot and killed him along with their mother. This man was accused of molesting his sons along with countless other young men from that era. Ricky Martin now heads a "charity" front for child trafficking. He's the headhunter for fresh meat so to speak. He just sired twin boys thru a surrogate for mind control.
    Wouldn't surprise me if he's connected with the satanist Michael Aquino----and the Miami day care child molestation daycare scandal. They are all connected

  3. There is a Cuban based satanic network that operates out of Miami. Many cubans sold their soul for political refuge and to obtain special privileges on Miami soil. They also sold their children to powerful perverts in entertainment and politics. Extremely corrupt! Ricky Martin is a mindcontrolled slave.

  4. I wasn't shocked at all to hear that Ricky Martin was Gay. He didn't have to tell the public, we already knew!

    Reading up on Michael Aquino. Internet is filled with information:


  6. Here is a list of mind controlled programmers: