Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update: Beyonce

Beyonce is working overtime to develop a fanbase in the U.K., it has been reported that she performed last night with Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (George Michael). Is it me or maybe it's not me but why are some bloggers excited about this? I guess its the least she can do, i mean, she did jack his styles from the "Too Funky" video. And to make matters worse, they performed "If i were a boy". There's a reason why Beyonce is drawn towards "Drag Queens".

About George Micheal:

Post Ex Sub Dis: Urban Fragmentations...
Published by 010 Publishers, 2002
ISBN 9064504784, 9789064504785

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  1. Why don't home girl go crawl under a damn rock or something. I think the public has just about had enough of this chick. The only reason she is attacking The UK is because she know that kelly had that shit on lock down. She hates for anybody to get any praise but her dumb ass.

    I know Kelly can kick her own azz. She should have been left the Knowles camp. She really need to break ties with her father Matty and his transexual bitches (Tina, Beyounce, Solange). But really, if Matt is suppose to be Kelly's real father, he appears to not give 2 fukks about her.

    In that pic about with Bey and George Michaels, she looks just like a damn man!!

  2. He doesn't give a care about her because he has that witch tina knowles on his back.

    Did you see Kelly's mother? She was born as a hermaphrodite.

    Kelly's biological mother is related to Zina Garrison who look just like Serena Williams. The moderator touched on this subject before.

  3. I thought that Kelly's mother was Zina Garrison's lover. Unless Zina and her are related and was having a sexual relationship. I often wondered why Kelly was hanging around Serena.

    Serena looks like she is turning into a man now. Have yall seen her lately. Venus looks more womenly than she does. This is why I don't really care for Kelly either. She got alot of shyt with her too.

    Do you think that Tina is using some sort of witchcraft on Matty?

    Has anyone noticed that these celebrities look very scary in person. They look like monsters to me. Some of them don't even look human. i don't know what it is. I use to go to alot of concerts and always managed to get back stage passes and i tell yall these ppl don't look HUMAN

  4. ^^^^ What a dumbass are you mad the truth about the Knowles are out on this blog. Fuck U!!!

  5. Mother fucker why in the fuck would I be mad! What in the hell are u talking about!


  7. Excuse me but Beyonce Knowles is a fraud! She's faking her pregnancy. She can't have anymore children!