Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dark Secrets of Pregnant Mare's Urine: Premarin

"Other names for this drug are PremPro, Premphase, Prempac, and Premelle."

Yoga Journalberrics
Jan-Feb 2006

May 2002


  1. Okay I'm not a Patti Labelle fan but please don't tell me that she is an Hermaphrodite. Maybe she is just taking permarine to control going through menopause. (men-o-pause, whoa that strange) I know that Patti has had alot of work on her face but I felt that she hated her Nubian features. Lastly I wonder premelle name after Labelle.

  2. Why would a "black" women agree to "hormone replacement therapy"?

    There are too many articles that link "Premarin" to those who went through the gender reassignment process. Most of these celebrities are coughing up reasons to use Premarin.

    Is she from Philly? This drug originated in the tri-state area!

    Now i understand why so many "gays" followed patti labelle and yes that's strange "premelle"???

  3. Patti Labelle will only admit to getting her nose done. She has never mentioned getting a face lift but her face has changed over the years. Plus where are all of the pictures of her when she performed with The Labelle's? They were removed from the internet when she went solo. It will validate the transformation process she went through. It would also explain the reason why OPRAH adores her or him so much!

  4. and she said "yes" to hormone replacement therapy???

    and she approved the "ad"

    Hollywood is always sending out subliminal messages!

  5. yuck.. amber rose's friend looks like a man

    can you post more about amber please?

  6. @ 7:47 AM

    Amber Rose was born as a hermaphrodite!

    Look at the distance from her navel to her ______.

    YUCK and her friend is a MAN!

  7. @11:20-

    Speak English please. Thank you.