Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diksha Sharma???

Diksha Sharma (14) believes her gender is stopping her from realising her dreams that of becoming a singer. The girl from Haryana was recently in Mumbai to audition for a reality show, but didn't get selected.

She says she feels like an "outsider" in her girls' school and wants to get a sex change as soon as she turns 18.

Diksha was among the 55 children from nine cities who contested in the final round of auditions in Mumbai last month

Diksha Sharma has dreams in her eyes. The 14-year-old girl from Sirsa, Haryana, wants to become a famous singer and is willing to go to any extent to realise her dream.

According to Diksha, who tried her luck on a reality TV show recently, there's just one obstacle her gender.

But she's found a solution to that problem as well. Diksha has decided to undergo a sex change operation immediately after she turns 18.

She says this will not only help her become a top singer, but will also quell her frustration of being a boy trapped in the body of a girl.

Talking to MiD DAY from her hometown, Diksha said she wanted to be a boy since she was in Std VI.

Diksha, whose clothes, mannerisms and demeanour are like that of a boy, said, "I don't care about what clothes I wear and make up does not excite me. I like to play cricket and ride a bike.

In my school, meant only for girls, I feel like an outsider. I have two elder sisters and my parents raised me like a boy because they weren't going to have more kids.

I feel frustrated because I think I would have definitely made the finals of Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa Little Champs if I were a boy."

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