Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr. Death: Hires a Houston attorney

The physician who was in Michael Jackson's Holmby Hills mansion before his death has hired an attorney from a Houston-based law firm to represent him as they meet with LAPD officials at an undisclosed location at 4 p.m. today.

Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Houston and Las Vegas, has been identified as the singer's personal doctor and was brought on to care for the 50-year-old's health during an upcoming concert series. The initial Jackson autopsy results are inconclusive, and the investigation is focused on whether the pop icon overdosed on prescription drugs.

Attorney Edward M. Chernoff of Stradley, Chernoff and Alford arrived in Los Angeles Friday night with another associate form the law firm, said Bill Stradley, who is also a partner of the firm.

"Our assumption at this point is that he didn't do anything wrong," Stradley said of Murray. The firm agreed to represent Murray only Friday night, and they are still familiarizing themselves with the issues.

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  2. ^^I love reading your posts BlackGod.

    I think Mj's death is a sign of things yet to come. Somethings going on, while everyone was mournng the death of MJ what was really going on??

    How he just die like that, why couldn't they save him and why is this doctor not cooperating with the police. Somethings not right about MJ's death, theres alot more to this story.

  3. I don't understand why this doctor would administer CPR and then fled (without his car) as soon as the ambluance leave.

    If you have nothing to hide - why run?

    What are you running from?

    The truth? You murdered Michael Jackson and this was your call of duty.

    Everyone in the industry was after Michael and his talent.

    Too many people wanted Michael to write from them and to put them back on the charts.

    Michael knew all the artist that were going to tell on him - tell lies on him. The "Liberia Girl" video came on and it featured all of his so called friends. He has a visionary and he KNEW that his so-called friends were going to tell lies against him.

    Flava Flav jumped out of a bush while the TMZ cameras were filming. They didn't know that he was there in a bush across from the Jackson's family estate.

    They all wanted wanted Michael had and these well known celebrities STALKED HIM.


    Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl

  4. While watching E! the man doing the news showed Flavor Flav saying he was trying to go into the house to pay his respects but he wasnt allowed. I remember thinking what the hell is Flavor Flav of all people doing, talking to the press. A majority of these celebrities who are giving interviews were NOWHERE to be seen when Micheal was going through his various trials and tribulations.
    Every single celeb in the Liberian Girl vid were also nowhere to be seen when the press was attacking Micheal on a regular basis.

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