Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hermaphrodites In Jail

TROY, Va. (AP) - Virginia's largest women's prison rounded up inmates who had loose-fitting clothes, short hair or otherwise masculine looks and placed them in a separate cell block.

That's according to prisoners and corrections officers who talked to The Associated Press about the practice.

They say dozens were moved in an attempt to split up relationships and curb illegal sexual activity at the 1,200-inmate Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women in Troy. Some straight women were sent to the wing strictly because of their appearance.

Civil rights advocates called the moves unconstitutional punishment for "looking gay."

Fluvanna Warden Barbara Wheeler denied that any housing decisions were made based on looks or sexual orientation, and said doing so would be discriminatory.

Inmates said life in the so-called "butch wing" or "locker room wing" wasn't much different than other units. But both inmates and employees said the unit was locked down more often than others, and the women said they were verbally harassed by staff.

The inmates and one current employee say the practice was stopped recently after the Associated Press began questioning it.

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  1. DAMN!

    You read my mind! I had this discussion with my aunt the other day. We have a family member in jail and he wrote to discuss his current living conditions.

    He shared that there's a hermaphrodite in the male prison and the guards had to separate them from the general population because he had a vagina and the inmates were going half-crazy when they found this out.

    After my aunt told me this I showed her this website. Yeah I had my doubts but now I understand. I am going to write my uncle to find out more. DAMN!

  2. So these women are being separated because they have a penis and the women are going crazy?


  3. @7:48....LOL

    Yeah they want that rod...Damn shame. What kills me is that the ppl who are reporting this stuff never ever ever come out and say Hermaphrodite. The media act like they are afraid of the word.

    But you know what I think, they will be exposing too many of the people in hollyweird and also alot of our politicians. They know that these people in power purposely create these intersexed individuals by sleeping with their family members. THIS IS ALL DONE TO KEEP THE BLOODLINE PURE. When yall get a chance PLEASE LOOK UP DAVID ICKE.

    These celebrities are nothing but devils.

  4. As i read these articles there's always something missing. All they have to do is inform the public that children born through incest were called hermaphrodites. In today's society, they are called Intersex, gay, lesbian, eunch, e.t.c.

    Now i know that there are some straight people who crossed over to the dark side and they just want to be down with the movement because being gay is so popular now.

    Being "gay" or being "born that" way opened door for many people including Oprah fat ass.

    She's nothing but a fat racist cracker in a fat suit. I have nothing against white people and i am not saying that all white people are racist.

    Shit! There are some intelligent white people and intelligent black people who are feed up with Oprah and her lies.

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